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Digital Asset Management White Paper: What to Know Before You Go!

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Editor's note: This post was originally posted on March 29, 2011. We updated this article and the corresponding whitepaper to reflect the current state of the DAM industry.

The decision to implement a digital asset management (DAM) system is a step towards gaining operational and intellectual control of your digital assets and is not one to be taken lightly. It brings with it great responsibility as to how the organization’s assets will be efficiently and effectively managed in its daily operations. Yet, the decision itself to go with a DAM system enacts a chain of questions to be carefully considered before proceeding down the path to DAM.

We teamed up with DAM expert John Horodyski, Partner at Optimity Advisors - a Global Innovation Consultancy, to create a guide for the top things to consider before you go forward with DAM.

Questions to help you understand if you are ready for a DAM systemDigital Asset Management White Paper – What to Know Before You Go!

This DAM whitepaper walks you through the key questions you’ll need to answer before moving ahead with purchasing a DAM system.

What is your metadata model(s)?

  • How do you identify and define your assets?
  • Are you able to achieve the “sweet sixteen”?
  • How important is search to you?

What is your taxonomy?

  • The better question is “Do you know what this is?”
  • How are your assets organized?
  • Why do I need one and can the DAM help me with that?

DAM new or DAM replacement?

  • Migration requirements
  • Change management

Possible workflow issues

  • Workflow modeling and production tool requirements
  • Is there a solid workflow process in place?
  • Optimization of marketing operations

Consideration for digital preservation of assets

  • Are some of your assets worth preserving beyond the workflow cycles you have established?
  • Beyond metadata, what about formats and standards?

Management and governance

  • Operations planning and program roadmap
  • Do you have a leader / a champion / an evangelist?
  • Do you have a team in place to manage day-to-day operations?
  • Do you know who will oversee governance and develop/administer governance policies?

Consideration of possible DAM systems / vendors to use.

  • Evaluation, RFP, proof of concept, test drives, and sandboxes
  • Selection and procurement

Do you have the right team in place to do this?

There’s a lot to unpack from each of these questions. To dive deeper, download the DAM white paper DAM: What to Know Before You Go  <>.

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