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It’s not very often that I get to talk about how I use our digital asset management system, but I just had the perfect use case that I wanted to share.  I’m going to the ExactTarget Connections user conference for email marketers again this year –  in September in Indy and they have a pretty sensational program lineup (if I may plug for ExactTarget).  Anyways, I just got a call from one of their marketing people asking us for a hi-res logo for the opening presentation and I quickly fulfilled the request… it was easy.  In fact, this particular marketing person replied “What quick turnaround time!”  How quick?... less than 30 seconds.  How’d I do that?...

Here’s the process I went through using our own asset management software:

Instead of sifting through the shared folder on the network, I have our corporate image library set as a favorite in my web-browser.  My “Remember me” settings on the login page got me in instantly and a quick search for “widen logo” presented me with our three logo options.  I clicked on the cart icon next to our standard ‘grey text with burnt red circle w’ logo which got me started with the checkout wizard.  All I had to do was enter the name and email address for the ExactTarget marketing person and then select which file formats I wanted to provide.  The request was for a hi-res logo, but I wasn’t sure on the specifics so I gave a few options – a 300 dpi RGB JPEG, a 300 dpi CMYK TIFF, 300 dpi CMYK EPS, and even a 72 dpi RGB PNG with no background to save this person the hassle of having to do any conversions.  My favorite part of this whole thing was that I was able to customize the send order with my own subject line and message so my ExactTarget recipient knew exactly what she was getting without me having to take the two extra minutes to craft an additional confirmation email saying “It’s on the way.”

Pretty fast huh… I even have the intelligence to know when my recipient picks up the order and what format is actually used.  Not only fast, but smart!

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