Dr. DAM Madlibs Week 2 Winner

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Here's the winning entry for the second week of Dr. DAM Madlibs. 

Be sure to stay on the lookout for the Week 3 Dr. DAM Madlibs to enter into the contest for the $50 Amazon.com gift card.   

Dr. DAM Madlibs

Dr. DAM Madlibs

Dr. DAM Madlibs

Dr. DAM Madlibs


CLIENT:  I’m Bob, the Creative Director for an advertising agency.  I’m responsible for all of the creative work we do for our clients.  As for digital asset management, my role is to make sure our clients use the files we have created for them.  We have everything from small print advertisements to large outdoor ads and they’re used by both our clients and their distributors.

CLIENT:  However, I have issues with the overall brand control.  Some of the distributors do not have the current ads and see it as a hassle to locate the current file so they go off and make their own.  There is a reason we do the creative work and they don’t.  It makes me mad they are not using our work.  All I want is everyone to use the brand approved content we have created to help with the overall consistent branding for our clients.
Dr. DAM:  I know what you’re going through and I can help you solve your problem.  Here’s what I recommend you do, get a Widen on-demand digital media management system.  Since it’s a web based DAM solution, those distributors will have access to your creative files whenever they need through a simple interface.  Once you’ve implemented a more effective digital asset management solution, what are you going to do?
CLIENT:  Now I can focus on creating one-of-a-kind brands for our clients.  I feel priceless.  I’m going to brag to everyone on how I just made our agency more competitive and how we now have total brand control.

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