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Marketing ROI

How Carnival Cruise Line uses content analytics to measure their sales communications performance

As businesses compete more on experience, sales teams face the challenge of communicating the experience. A great way to do that is with dynamic video content. But if your team creates content that goes against marketing conventions like “shorter videos are better,” how do you know if it’s working?  

To answer that question, let’s look at Carnival Cruise Line. They serve millions of passengers each year with trips all over the world to places like Mexico, Alaska, The Bahamas, Cuba, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. With a global presence in a competitive market, it’s critical for Carnival to present an accurate and consistent brand that guests can latch onto and to promote loyalty.

DAM, the Journeys brand, and ROI

Before using a digital asset management (DAM) system, Carnival Cruise Line's visual assets were scattered on CDs, servers, and shared drives. To add to the challenge, their 700+ promotional videos were used by over 600 of the company's employees, travel agents, and vendor, and the marketing team had no content data to guide their future marketing decisions.

Carnival Cruise Line implemented the Widen Collective to manage their brand. This accessible, central location was a great tool for the launch of their new sub-brand, Carnival Journeys, in March of 2015.


Marketing ROIWatch the video now.

Video production is expensive. Getting the most value out of your high performing videos starts with knowing your high performers. It’s easy with Insights, where data showing asset repurposing is at your fingertips.”

Journeys is a nine-day cruise – longer than Carnival’s other vacation getaways –  focused on local, authentic experiences. The vision for this cruise was difficult for salespeople to capture, so the marketing team designed a video to educate internal clients and trade teams about the value of the Journeys brand, in order for them to better communicate it to customers. The video was much longer than Carnival’s previous internal videos, and instead of featuring one aspect of the cruise (e.g. dining), the video covered the entire Journeys experience.

Anecdotally, the marketing team heard that the salespeople didn’t want to use the video. They assumed this meant that people didn’t like it, so they were going to count their losses until they looked at data in Widen’s analytics app, Insights.

By sharing links and embed codes from the DAM system, the Collective collects information about how assets are viewed and how often. This gives Carnival Cruises’s marketing team user engagement data, including the number of views, shares, and downloads as well as when and where the engagement takes place. The marketing team used this data to track engagement of the Journeys video over a three-month period. They could see that daily shares and views continued to climb by 30 percent. This meant the video was being used more and more frequently over time. In fact, the videos had been viewed more than 1,000 times, which outperformed all of Carnival’s past video content.

Since Insights can collect content analytics on “intended use,” which identified where the video was being used (e.g. website, digital ad, brochure, etc), the team learned the sales people had been using the video in their presentations.

The video was performing well and was a marketing success!

“DAM analytics proved that our team should invest more resources and creative energy in these unconventional videos.”
Erika Bertsch, Senior Marketing Manager, Carnival Cruise Lines

The results

The content analytics from the Collective were critical in helping Carnival’s marketing team learn a number of things:

  1. Were their teams getting the right kind of content?
    They know they are because they’re sharing the video over and over again.
  2. Where had the video been viewed?
    They can see in Insights and share that information with the rest of the marketing team.
  3. Was this type of content effective?
    It’s been validated that yes, it is. So they can budget for more content like it in the future.

Marketing ROI

In the end, Carnival couldn’t do without the data gleaned from the Collective. By identifying their top performing marketing assets and digital channels, they were able to maximize marketing spend and drive more sales. Today, Carnival is confidently investing more resources and energy in longer-form videos like Journeys.

In Summary:

Before Widen Collective

  • Visual assets were scattered on CDs, servers, and shared drives
  • Carnival had no content data to inform future marketing decisions

After implementing Widen Collective

  • Saved time using embed codes to publish images and videos online
  • Identified what content received the most engagement and provided their sales teams with the highest performing materials
  • Learned the channels where people “intended to use” their content
  • Used content data to guide future marketing content planning and creation

What are you waiting for? Learn what else you can measure with content analytics and get more marketing ROI with DAM today!

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