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Some of the color retouching work that comes across my plate is high end furniture. (Baker, Pennsylvania House, Canac, Durham, Thomasville, Broyhill, La-Z-Boy, Flexsteel, are all clients I have done extensive color correction and retouching for) If you have ever worked furniture you will know it’s tricky and tedious. Wood tones are tough to photograph and a considerable amount of prepress color correction is necessary for good quality separations on press (GRACoL, Swop 3, Swop 5, etc.). Every piece typically needs its own mask and the furniture group requires multiple asset versioning because of the countless possibilities of wood and finish types. I’ve quickly assembled an animated gif file showcasing some color manipulation for a typical furniture sell sheet. This particular scene is a file I worked many moons ago for Pennsylvania House. The scene required color and texture changes. Additionally, the customer required prop alterations and a window added.

The wood furniture was masked with a path via the pen tool. The plant was masked off using the green alpha channel with some dodging and burning. The rug textile was edited with vanishing point. Also, the window was added with vanishing point with additional cloning. The bed spread and pillow cases had shaping and bending via liquify. The shadow on the bench was created using an air brush with a fade. The final file on this particular shot was printed at approx. 9" x 12" at 300 dpi, 175 line screen, GCR 320 on a coated sheet fed stock.

Keywords: Color Retouching, Color Management, Catalog Production, Color Manipulation, Photo Composition, Premedia Services, Prepress Production

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