Graduating from Dropbox and Basecamp to more capable work management solutions

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Graduating from Dropbox and Basecamp

We know there are a lot of users out there who are happy using Dropbox and Basecamp, but curious about the options available when you need a more powerful marketing work solution. There are probably some of you who aren’t yet using either tool and are looking at all kinds of marketing work solutions. As demands on employees continue to grow and teams are tasked to DO MORE with less, finding a solution that’s the right fit for your business is essential to team productivity and efficiency.

Dropbox and Basecamp are just two of the starter tools used today to organize and collaborate on digital files. They’re found in a landscape filled with many other tools like that offer file sharing and project management capabilities. These tools can be great for small teams, but some marketing and creative workgroups continue to use them even after they’ve outgrown their functionality simply because they don’t know what other options are out there. Or, they think the process to make a switch would be too painful. To showcase other work tools available to marketing and creative teams, Widen held a webinar together with AtTask, themed: Graduating from Dropbox and Basecamp: When and why to move to more powerful marketing work solutions.

During the webinar, thought leaders in SaaS marketing solutions from AtTask and Widen discussed the range of cloud-based tools used today to help marketing and creative teams connect content and stay productive in an ever-changing digital work environment. 

We covered the following topics:

  • What Dropbox is and what Widen Digital Asset Management (or DAM) is, and when you would use each and why
  • How Widen and Dropbox are complimentary and why the Widen-Dropbox integration is kind of a big deal
  • What Basecamp is and what AtTask is, and when you would use each and why
  • The triggers or indicators that let you know it’s time to think about something more capable than what you have today
  • Show how the integration between Widen and AtTask works and what it can do for your marketing workflows

Get the Graduating from Dropbox and Basecamp webinar recording and slide deck.

Long and short, the benefit of using more capable work solutions is that your teams can become MORE – more productive and efficient as individuals and a team (time savings), more consistent with your brand, more collaborative, and more differentiated so you can stand out in a time of information overload.

Want to learn MORE? Get in touch with our Advisors to talk about how Widen can help you graduate to more capable work management solutions.

What are the indicators it's time to move to broader work management tools?

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