How can Digital Asset Management help achieve top marketing priorities?

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How do your marketing goals align with those of top marketing executives? 
How does your marketing performance year-to-date compare to the marketing goals set at the beginning of the year? 
In early 2010, Anderson Analytics surveyed members of the Marketing Executives Networking Group and released the "Marketing Trends Report 2010," which identified the following concepts the as the top marketing priorities in 2010: Marketing ROI, Customer Retention, Brand Loyalty, Positioning/Differentiation, Branding, and Customer Satisfaction. View the 2010 Marketing Trends Study on Slideshare.
2010 Marketing Trends Study by Anderson Analytics
More than any other year, marketers in 2010 are under increased watch and have greater expectations to do more with less. As I'm sure you can agree, this trend will continue to intensify year over year. The good news for you (and I) is that there are new technologies and ways of doing things that make it possible. You guessed it… DAM Asset Management is one of those resources.
At the start of 2010, Widen released a white paper titled Why Digital Asset Management Should Be Your First Technology Investment for 2010. Now into Q4, I would guess that you've already made some technology decisions and marketing investments (other than Digital Asset Management) that address at least some of your marketing priorities. However, I continue to argue that you need a solid foundation for managing and distributing your digital assets to the channels that drive revenue in order to maximize returns from your advertising, marketing and sales channels.  
If you're responsible for the success of a brand and your organization tracks marketing performance to revenues, then DAM should be a core technology resource that is integrated into your marketing processes. Aberdeen Group found that best-in-class companies centralizing access to digital assets are two times more likely to use a DAM system for the marketing functions. These same best-in-class companies reported a 23% year-over-year reduction in time to market and an 18% increase in average return on marketing investments.
Download the "Why DAM for 2010" white paper to learn more about how Digital Asset Management helps marketing and sales groups maximize the return on marketing investments by:
  • Reducing time to market
  • Reducing costs of finding assets
  • Reducing costs of distributing assets
  • Producing hard-dollar cost savings 
  • Improving brand consistency
Top marketing executives are facing a number of difficult challenges in their effort to achieve or maintain a leadership position for their organizations. The rapid growth in digital marketing content has generated new opportunities for reaching customers and prospects but also has led to bottlenecks and inefficiencies in managing the huge volume of digital assets and maintaining a consistent brand image. DAM can overcome these problems by automating many marketing processes while delivering the right content directly to everyone involved in customer and prospect communications. By being able to search through the full range of assets, users are often able to find more suitable digital media files and repurpose them for multiple projects. DAM can help address the top concerns of marketing executives as these capabilities can have a far-ranging impact on the marketing organization and the enterprise as a whole.  
Download the How Digital Asset Management Can Help Achieve Top Marketing Priorities white paper to learn more about DAM assists with:
  • Increasing return on marketing investments
  • Raising customer retention rates
  • Improving brand loyalty and brand consistency
  • Positioning and differentiating products
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
Contact us to speak with a Widen representative more about aligning marketing asset management technologies to your marketing goals.  
Why Digital Asset Management Should Be Your First Technology Investment for 2010 How Digital Asset Management Can Help Achieve Top Marketing Priorities
“Why DAM for 2010” White Paper  "Top Marketing Priorities" White Paper

View Widen Digital Asset Management White Papers on Slideshare and Scribd

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