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How to Craft a Winning Content Mission Statement

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Between endless marketing channels, new technologies, and responsibility overload, it’s easy for businesses, large and small, to lose sight of the big picture. As a content marketer in this busy world, you need to step back, pop your head out of the nitty-gritty and tactics of the day, and think about the rationale behind your actions. To do this, and to do it consistently, you need a content mission statement.

What is a content mission statement?

In the most basic terms, a content mission statement answers the question of why you are doing what you are doing. It is a pledge to yourself and your customers. It’s the reason you are creating each and every piece of content, and it is the light that should guide your content strategy and daily efforts.

So, before debating which social channels and whitepaper topics you need, think top-level about your audience’s priorities, your unique value proposition, and why you matter to your customers.

The anatomy of a winning content mission statement

While content mission statements come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, the most effective statements answer these questions:

    • Who are you speaking to? Who is your target audience?
    • What are you offering, and qualified to give your audience?
    • Why should your customers care? What's the grander purpose?

At Widen, we landed on this:

“Widen is a place where marketing and creative teams find actionable advice, practical resources, and success stories to flourish in a world connected by content.”

As you can see, we clearly and directly set expectations as to:

    • Who our content is for: marketing and creative teams
    • What we provide: actionable advice, practical resources, and success stories
    • Why it matters: so our audience can flourish in a world connected by content

A winning content mission statement is half substance, half application

Sticking with the who-what-why template is a great place to start, but there is more to a successful content mission statement than its actual substance. You also need to leverage your statement in a way that helps you to connect and communicate with your audience.

Take, The Hustle, a technology and business news site, for example. They pack their content mission statement with all the substance we talked about, but they also make it work to their advantage, excelling in a few notable areas:

    1. Transparency: They display their content mission statement for all to see across their website, including their home page which serves two purposes - to capture signups and to set audience expectations about their content offering.
    2. Branding: They carry their distinctly humorous voice into their content mission statement, creating a stronger, more memorable brand experience at every single touchpoint.
    3. Authority: Their word choice and tone implies that they are in-the-know about all business and technology news and that they are qualified to decide what you and other business professionals “need to know.”
    4. Differentiation: The Hustle uses their about page to further expound upon their content mission and layout their competitive advantage - that they are different from other news outlets because they provide fun, bite-sized, easy-to-understand news with an actual perspective.

theHustle signup and content mission statement

Final Thoughts

The best content mission statements are more than a declaration; they are a way of life. They challenge you to learn more and more about your target audience so that you can create better content day after day. They motivate you to stay focused, but also push you to aspire to more. At the end of the day, it’s how you not only define your content mission, but how you leverage it, and your team and tools, to get the right content, to the right people, at the right time. For information about how Widen can help you achieve your content goals, contact a Widen advisor today!

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