How to Get Your Users to Use Your DAM Software

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How to Get Your Users to Use Your DAM SoftwareOne of the main barriers to using digital asset management software tools are the users themselves. Bad habits are always hard to break, and especially so when technology is involved. Many people don't want to change the way they learned to do something on a computer because it took them so long do learn the process in the first place. They can't be blamed for expecting other new technologies to be just as tedious to learn, but they can't continue to use old, inefficient status-quo methodologies. To get them to change their bad habits, they need to realize that the old way of doing things is actually detrimental to their productivity and the company.

Some of the strategies to employ for convincing employees and partners to use your DAM system include:

Put together quality informational materials – Put together documents, presentations or short videos that clearly outline the benefits and advantages of using your DAM tools. Don't forget to make these materials available to all potential users internal and external! Make it obvious why the DAM system is a tool needed by the company.

Set up DAM training sessions – Make your digital asset management training sessions short and sweet but make sure that every user is required to attend (or at least has an opportunity to watch a recorded training video). Clearly explain what the DAM system does, and most importantly, how it will make things much easier for all users. Talk about how DAM will increase overall efficiency and productivity, and then teach users in a hands-on fashion. With each user in the system, guide them through the process of searching for and downloading assets to show why it’s better than their old habits.

Continuously promote brand management – Don't stop with just one workshop. Training and promotion opportunities need to be carried out on a regular basis to keep your users engaged and made aware of your latest and greatest additions to your DAM system. The more that users learn about the functions and contents of DAM, the more likely they will incorporate it into their daily workload because they will see how easy DAM is to use, and the extent to which it will facilitate their job. Promotions can also include emails to users featuring training videos and “what’s new in DAM” documents that explain the importance of using DAM. These same assets can also be uploaded to the DAM system for universal user access. This way, the necessity of DAM is reinforced by needing to use the system to get pro-DAM materials.

Turn to your DAM service provider for help – Look to your DAM service provider to help in evaluating and reviewing your current training and promotional materials. See what other methods customers are doing and having success with to spur new ideas for your teams. Lean on social media to communicate with your broad user base. If nothing else, ask for more training when needed.

Getting people to adopt unfamiliar technology is always a challenge. Nevertheless, once users see for themselves how easy it is to use DAM programs, they should adopt the system in no time. Request a demo or contact us to learn more about how Widen goes beyond providing just DAM software.

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