How Yankee Candle got people using their digital asset management system

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Having tools is great. Having great tools is even better. But the best tools in the world are worthless is there’s nobody around to use them.

If a digital asset is delivered to a forest and there’s nobody around to use it...

That’s why we always stress the importance of promoting user engagement. You’ve got to be able to get buy-in from not only the biggest stakeholders, but also the end users who might only use your system sparingly, if you’re going to really maximize the return you get on your digital asset management software investment.

Lots of our customers do some pretty innovative things to get people learning and using their Widen-powered digital asset management systems. We recently caught up with Lisa Gauvin from Yankee Candle, a Widen DAM software customer, about how they worked on user engagement there.

“We did a full back cover spread on our very first catalog when we launched the marketing toolbox — identifying what it was, how easy it was to use — and we came up with a quick little slogan to use to try to get them to understand that it was fast, easy and simple,” Gauvin said.

Gauvin continued, “We highlighted it on that catalog that gets distributed out to about 10,000 addresses, which is a very large audience, to see how many would actually log on to our website, and come in and see the toolbox.”

In other words, Yankee Candle recognizes the immense value and importance of doing digital asset management right. In light of that, they launched a full-blown marketing campaign to promote the use of their valuable new tool.

Check out this video interview to see what else Yankee Candle did to promote the use of Widen Media Collective.

Lisa Gauvin of Yankee Candle on life without Media Collective digital asset management

Yankee Candle’s digital asset management user engagement efforts also included surveys, online training, and more.

How far would you go to ensure that your marketing and creative workflows were running as smoothly as possible? Different things make sense to different organizations. Luckily, Widen has experience with a large and diverse enough group of successful brands that we can use real-world case studies (like one of Yankee Candle, for instance) to guide you to DAM software and marketing success.

Get in touch with one of our DAM advisors today to talk to us about your needs and what we can do to help.

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