Improving Your Company Identity with Digital Asset Management

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Digital Asset Management has boomed for companies because of the ability to minimize the request-to-response time of getting digital media and brand assets sent off.  Now requests for digital assets aren’t time-sucking assignments that prohibit internal productivity, and in most cases companies which employ a DAM system also have external users who are waiting less than ever before for requests to come through.  

Being responsive to asset users is extremely influential on a social scale.  A company identity can be influenced dramatically by how they handle workflows. Being mindful of others’ workflow and fulfilling external requests promptly helps boost confidence in a company and improves its identity.   
Furthermore, DAM systems not only allow users to respond quickly to requests with conversions on-the-fly for various media types, but they make it easy for internal and external users to attain assets without having to submit a request and then wait. 
This is important as workflows become expedited by the implementation of DAM systems across industries.  Expectations will move from shortened asset delivery times to the self-attainment of assets.  It’s certainly quicker and easier for one to go and grab needed assets than waiting on that middle person, you, to reply. 
Company identities and business relations are being forged differently since the advent of social media.  Being responsive, transparent, and engaging are just a few examples of the ways companies judge how others might do business.  Here is your opportunity to make a social move by leveraging DAM.  Make it easy for your asset users to get what they want, it’ll be appreciated.  Be that company that they like to work with and that they will recommend to others.

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