Interview with Storytelling Teacher Laurie Scheer

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Laurie Scheer, Faculty Associate and Writing Mentor, from the Liberal Arts and Applied Studies department at the University of Wisconsin, presented us with a fantastic interview that details important thoughts and tips on the subject of visual storytelling in marketing.

Laurie is a former vice president of programming for WE: Women’s Entertainment and producer for ABC, Viacom, Showtime and AMC-Cablevision. When it comes to navigating today's transmedia world and using it to the best of our advantage, her advice is liquid gold. Check it out!



Here’s a summary of the top eight tips from the video.

1. Know the importance of visual storytelling.
Visuals tell stories to sell items and brands. Images are more memorable. We remember 80 percent of what we see and 20 percent of what we read. Visuals are more effective and fast.

2. Be authentic.
The Internet will expose everything! People are be able to see right through if something isn't real. Photography should reflect what's really happening.

3. Capture attention.
Beat out the noise. Take into consideration the convenience factor. How are people going to access your information? When are they going to access it? Will they understand what you are saying?

4. Seize the water cooler moment.
Media has changed. Socializing has moved online, and that’s where you see if people are talking about you and sharing your story. Encourage personalization.

5. Understand that story is a metaphor for life.
We need this metaphor because life is really difficult sometimes. The creator goes down the middle of the story to tell us both sides so that we can relate to it. Stories help us relate to each other.

6. Jump to many screens.
Your content's final destination is not controllable. You may intend for your assets to appear on one particular website or social network, but in the transmedia world, your content can jump across many different screens around the world within minutes. Be careful!

7. Tap into basic human needs and wants.
There are certain things we all want and need. It's tapping into vulnerabilities in a good way to make people understand we are like everybody else. By understanding the basic needs and wants of everyone, any brand can connect.

8. Be agile.
The next big thing in storytelling is to make it fast. Continue to reduce the time it takes to understand what you are saying. Make it easy for audiences to understand.

Check out our visual storytelling infographic to learn more or request a demo to see how we can help you better manage all the visual components to your brand story.

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