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Introducing Widen Design Services

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Half and quarter circles in solid colors sporadically placed on the left side of the image. Then these shapes come together on the right side of the image to form a D and S that represents "design services."

Visual aesthetics matter. Within 0.05 seconds, users have already made a decision about your website. The same goes for your digital asset management (DAM) system. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Widen design services. This new service offering helps organizations elevate their DAM sites with engaging design that enhances user experience and drives user adoption. 

While it’s easy to see the importance that design plays in user adoption, it can often be hard to prioritize it when you’re balancing everything else that comes with launching or relaunching a DAM system. With design services, customers partner with the Widen team to create inspiring and informative on-brand designs aimed at giving users a memorable DAM experience. 

Widen design services offers a range of projects from simple cleanup to full-scale creative; often focusing on Dashboards, portals, login pages, and templates. In all cases, the Widen team works directly with customers to understand their objectives, define the project scope, and develop a strategy. The more intensive projects also include an upfront design workshop to develop or gain consensus about the look, feel, and expression of the brand. Widen design services are comprised of talented designers with extensive knowledge of digital asset management, the Widen Collective® capabilities, and visual design. 

“You want active users in your DAM site. You want people to engage with it,” said Danielle Templeton, Creative Manager at Widen. “And if you want user adoption to increase, you need to deliver an experience that’s memorable. The visual brand is a really clear and impactful way to enhance that experience.”

Beam Suntory recently worked with design services to refresh their DAM Dashboard. They wanted a way to showcase different groups of brand assets on the Dashboard and needed to configure their Collective settings to match the new design. After the redesign, the new Dashboard better aligns with their brand and welcomes users to their Collective site with an inviting and easy-to-navigate experience. 


NKT took advantage of design services to help extend their larger brand guidelines to a subset of stakeholders using Portals. Their new mini-style guide gives stakeholders an accessible and intuitive tool to easily understand NKT’s brand guidelines, which in turn helps NKT deliver their brand consistently across the world. 


See available Widen design services and let's get in touch. Our team would love to work with you!

Watch the video to learn more about design services.

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