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Following their morning overview talks, Matthew Gonnering and Deanna Ballew teamed up to present “What DAM data can do for you” today at the 2014 Widen User Summit.

Together they covered what kind of information you can get from DAM analytics, mined the audience for their reasons for tracking digital assets, and provided an in-depth at the data tied to Widen assets.

According to Gonnering, there are two paths you can take when looking at DAM data. User data gives insight on the demographics of users, login info, session time, sharing, and technical information about their machines. Content information is tied directly to each asset, giving a look into metadata, where an asset is being shared, when and how often it is downloaded, and the source of the file.

User data and content data can be viewed a several levels like individual, group, customer, collective, and global. From the most specific (individual) to the most general (global), you can gain valuable data on users and assets at all levels.

Perhaps the most insightful part of the session (aside from the corn eating contest, which we will get to later) were the audience contributions to the importance of tracking digital assets. Overall, knowing how and where assets are being used allows people to make informed decisions about how to use resources for future campaigns, photoshoots, and more.

 Here are a few comments from the crowd:

  • "Analytic data gives me an idea what marketing collateral is being used and what marketing should focus on."
  • "I can find out what assets sales are using, so we are making sure to provide enough of the right media."
  • "In light of our global brand, it gives me data on if we are appropriately shooting products and using the right models."
  • "We would like to get information about what images people connect with in our museum, which can inform programming, future exhibits, and merchandise. Pointing at the data could even help secure sponsorships."
  • "I can justify DAM to our organization."

Following the group share, Ballew went into specifics about what kind of data you can see on assets. Her use case was a recent corn-eating contest at Widen. It’s worth the watch:

The following information is available through the Media Collective:

  • Popularity rating
  • Detailed export info
  • What social networks the asset was shared over
  • Video loads, completed plays, and average time of play
  • Download type
  • Intended use

It’s powerful enough to organize and share your data efficiently, but with analytic data, you can take your organizations asset development to a whole new level. 

Get in touch with the Widen Advisor Team to learn more about Widen's evolving use of data and analytics within the Widen Media Collective digital asset management solution.

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