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Increasing Efficiency with Marketing Automation Tools

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The work of a marketer is never done. In addition to tackling what’s already on your long to-do list, you’re constantly fielding new ideas to get more customers, faster. It’d be great if you could just hire more people, but that’s not always possible. And sometimes, it feels like even if you had 1,000 people on your marketing team, you could still find work for 1,001.

Fortunately, there are tools out there tool help you increase your marketing department’s efficiency. So instead of being inundated with repetitive tasks and requests, you can focus your time and efforts on what’s going to help your business stand out in the market.

What are marketing automation tools?

Marketing automation tools are software solutions that help organizations complete and automate marketing tasks across multiple channels.  These tools allow teams to get more done without increasing the number of hours in a day.

How to leverage marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools can help your team on many fronts. Here are some ways you can leverage marketing automation tools.

1. Scale communications across channels. There’s a delicate balance between reaching many and speaking to individual readers. Marketing automation tools help marketers navigate this challenge by supporting triggered workflows, audience segmentation, and personalization. Some tactics include:

    • Scheduling email send times to account for each recipient's timezone

    • Personalizing content based on prior interactions the user had with your business

    • Monitoring multiple social media channels for brand mentions

2. Remove design bottlenecks. Design impacts the perception of your brand and the effectiveness of your communications. It’s likely that teams across your organization use content to communicate externally, which leaves you with two options for creating content. One, allowing everyone to create their own content despite potential inconsistency in design and brand standards. Or two, funneling all external-facing content through your design team, which puts stress on your designers and slows down other teams.

With marketing automation tools you can automate repetitive design tasks and free up designers’ time for more impactful creative work.

  • Dynamic embed links allow you to update only one asset in a centralized location, instead of locating and updating each digital touchpoint
  • Branded templates give sales and marketing teams guardrails for creating their own content, allowing all teams to consistently deliver a customized, on-brand message
  • On-the-fly file conversions give non-designers the ability to convert a single file type into the optimal format and size for their needs to use in materials like slide decks, print brochures, and social media

3. Develop efficient workflows. With many teams, tools, channels, products, and partners, marketing workflows can discombobulate all involved. When applied thoughtfully, marketing automation tools can help facilitate efficient workflows.
    • Setup standard, centralized review and approval workflows to reduce the email chaos

    • Make searching easier by using machine learning or automation to apply metadata to your files

    • Templatize the project request process so your teams get the information they need at the start

4. Measure marketing campaigns. Marketing teams need to know what’s working, what can be improved, and what they should stop doing. Marketing automation tools bring insight into many facets of your marketing campaigns.

    • Attribution reports help you see what impact content and promotions have during the buying process

    • Traffic analytics show you how visitors are arriving at your website

    • Lead reporting helps you understand what’s converting visitors into leads

Top marketing automation tools

Ready to start improving your marketing process? Some of the top marketing automation tools to check out include:

There are a wide variety of marketing tools out there that offer automation. By strategically applying automation into your marketing processes, you’ll be better equipped to scale and adapt your marketing as your organization grows.

To learn how the Widen Collective® supports marketing automation, request a demo.

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