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Skills your marketing technologist should have to maximize your organization’s digital media asset management potential

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digital asset management, SEO, title tags, marketing technologist, social media, information architectureThe marketing technologist position was born out of a need to bridge the divide between marketing and IT. Marketing technologists need to know how to make the most out of a DAM system and should have certain skills geared for this purpose. Such skills include:

Expertise in marketing software — A marketing technologist needs to know how to configure, integrate, and administrate marketing software. Digital asset management is just one of the tools a marketing technologist should be able to run point on. DAM software facilitates the management of assets needed for marketing and other communications. Without one, the process can become so slow, unproductive, and inefficient that it can seriously reduce the marketing effectiveness of any company.

Social media — Social has become an important part of any organization’s communications; every good marketing technologist should know the ins and outs of social platforms. They should also know how to effectively leverage social platforms for marketing purposes and how to incorporate digital asset management tools into those processes.

Programming — Marketing technologists need to have a good understanding of software programming. Even without development responsibilities, these skills can come in very handy in troubleshooting. They will also be more likely to engineer solutions on their own or work in conjunction with DAM software providers to come up with the right answers to programming-related problems.

Content marketing — They of course need to have a solid understanding of how to carry out effective content marketing. This includes knowing the ins and outs of SEO and how to improve the odds that clients will find digital assets such as videos, images, and white papers. They also need to know how to best leverage a DAM system for this purpose.

IT department operations — Marketing technologists need to know just as much about leveraging technology as they do about marketing. Their understanding of IT operations makes for a smooth transition between marketing and IT and helps each department work in conjunction for higher productivity. With solid footing on both sides of the fence, they are more capable of using a DAM system to manage digital assets in a way that helps both departments.

To learn more about what should be expected from marketing technologists and how they use DAM systems as their primary tool, read this white paper by industry expert and DAM Foundation founder Mark Davey titled "Digital Asset Management and the Marketing Technologist."

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