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Migrating from an existing DAM system to Widen DAM

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MigrationWhether you are currently using an installed DAM solution or a hosted solution, Widen can create a migration path from your current DAM solution to The Widen Media Collective. Your team has probably spent years collecting and organizing files and building metadata, so the data in your current system is essential groundwork for transitioning to Widen. We have in-depth experience importing data from other systems and have streamlined the process over the years.
The migration process includes reviewing and organizing all of your data. The organizational structure currently in place may work well for you, so we can simply replicate it in The Media Collective. Or perhaps the organizational structure is not ideal for your current teams. In that case, we will work with you to map your data into a new structure. Our customers also find this an ideal time to purge data that is no longer needed and clean up duplicate files that have accumulated over the years.
Prior to uploading any data into the The Media Collective, we first run the files through several scripts to identify duplicate files and file formats. This data is then reviewed with you and we work together to remove duplicate files, rename files and eliminate unwanted data. This is the de-duping process. After the de-duping process is complete and you’re working with The Media Collective you’ll have a fresh start by importing only the data that you need.  
Metadata Migration
Metadata is just as valuable as the digital files, and you may have built a custom metadata structure over many years. There are several avenues for Widen to import custom metadata from your current provider into The Media Collective. The path chosen depends on the toolset available in your current DAM system. Widen can migrate data from any system. Here are a few systems - both installed and hosted solutions - from which we have migrated data:
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Canto Cumulus
  • Celum
  • EmbARK
  • Extensis Portfolio
  • Flickr
  • Getty
  • Image Relay
  • MajorTom
  • MediaBin
  • NetX
  • North Plains Telescope
  • OpenText
  • SharePoint
  • Vertis
  • WebDAM
  • Xinet
Whether the current system is hosted or installed, Widen can help extract the data. For hosted systems, such as Flickr and Getty, we leverage their application programming interfaces (APIs). Widen programmatically extracts the assets and metadata and uploads that information into The Media Collective.
For installed systems, assets can typically be exported onto drives and metadata can be exported into XML, CSV, or XLS files. Widen will upload the files from the drive(s) and programmatically match the data provided from single or multiple XML, CSV or XLS files.
To learn more about migrating from your current system to Widen DAM, get in touch with our DAM advisors. Or, request a demo to get a closer look at Widen technology.
Originally published February 13, 2014

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