New Widen Article for Chief Marketer: Derive More Value From Your Digital Assets

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Widen recently had an article published on – Derive More Value From Your Digital Assets – discussing the role of digital asset management tools in maximizing the value of your digital media and brand assets.

Here’s an excerpt from the article…

An old episode of “Saturday Night Live” spoofed a real commercial, showing two characters arguing over whether the can they were holding was a floor wax or a dessert topping. After about 10 seconds of animosity, a chuckling Chevy Chase stepped in and said, “Hey you two, it’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping.”

That skit demonstrated how everyone feels good when they get more than one use out of something they buy. Wow—I can put it on my pumpkin pie and see myself in my kitchen floor? I must’ve done well when I bought it!

“Shimmer Floor Wax” clip from Saturday Night Live Season 1, Episode 9, 1/10/1976

The same mindset is pervading the world of digital assets, particularly in a cost-conscious economy. Organizations are looking to maximize the value of all their digital assets, both to reduce up-front costs and increase the ROI on every expenditure.

That’s why digital asset management (DAM) has become so important to organizations large and small. It provides a way to centralize the organization’s digital assets, ensuring not only that the correct and most current version is being used, but also that it isn’t being duplicated unnecessarily.

Digital assets are generally developed for one of three reasons:

  • To make money in businesses where the assets are the actual products being sold, like digital music or movie downloads.
  • To market and/or sell products or services where the digital assets represent the product(s) being sold—for example, product images in a catalog or Web site.
  • To reinforce a brand image or build brand equity, like a brand logo or logo for a special occasion such as “60 years of service.”

Maximizing the value of those digital assets is accomplished by getting as much use or work and result or return from that asset.

There are two basic ways to do that. You can either re-use a digital asset, which means employing it for the purpose it was created more than once, such as an image created for a specific PowerPoint presentation that is then used in other presentations. Or you can re-purpose the asset, that is, use the image created for one medium in a different one. An example of re-purposing would be to take the image created for the PowerPoint presentation and use it in a brochure, on a Web page, on a Facebook fan page, or in an e-mail marketing piece. Each method creates a different type of value for the asset.

Read the rest of the article at - Derive More Value From Your Digital Assets

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