New Widen Digital Asset Management White Paper Examines Key Concepts and Best Practices for Using Metadata in DAM Systems

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Today, again Widen and John Horodyski of have teamed up to release a new digital asset management white paper to assist organizations looking at DAM for the first time (or the second, third or fourth time) understand the value of metadata—DAM’s most critical asset.

The new white paper, titled “A guide to the lifeblood of DAM: Key concepts and best practices for using metadata in digital asset management systems” is a follow-on resource to the white paper published last spring “Digital Asset Management (DAM): What to Know Before You Go!”.

Metadata is an "asset" unto itself—and an important one, at that. It provides the structure and information needed to make your assets more accessible and, therefore, more valuable. In other words: it makes them "smart assets." Simply digitizing image, video and audio files only scratches the surface of their value as digital assets. Their full potential is realized by their use and the relevance of the associated metadata. After all, how much value does an asset have if you can't find it?
A guide to the lifeblood of DAM: Key concepts and best practices for using metadata in digital asset management systems
This white paper will show you the essential building blocks and best practices of metadata for your digital asset management system.

Key questions answered and topics covered include:

  • What is metadata and what does it mean to DAM?
  • What are the key issues to building a metadata strategy?
  • How does it all get there?
  • What is your metadata model? 
  • What is your taxonomy? 
  • What are the industry standards and which are right for me?
  • Benefits of metadata
  • Metadata & taxonomy governance
  • Measuring metadata and taxonomy quality
  • Best practices & practical metadata rules


The key point throughout the white paper is helping marketer’s understand that “Content is no longer king. The user is.” If you have great content and no one can find it, the value of the content is diminished. You need to understand how your users and customers want to interact with assets before designing your metadata schemes.

The paper will help you understand that the development of metadata shouldn’t be rushed. Take the time to leverage best practices like usability testing to determine needs and validate your metadata and taxonomies. Metadata is a “snapshot in time”—keep it up to date and let it evolve. Keep your eyes on your company’s goals, as the best metadata design is the one that increases the revenue of the company by harnessing the power of your data about your data.

John Horodyski is Principal, DAM Education (, a DAM consulting agency focusing on DAM education & training.

DOWNLOAD: A guide to the lifeblood of DAM: Key concepts and best practices for using metadata in digital asset management systems


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