Overcoming the Flood of Digital Media Assets with SaaS DAM

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Floppy DiskThe take-off of social media and near dependence of mobile devices has resulted in major changes to the way we consume information and "do marketing." Directly connecting with clients via the Internet is rapidly becoming more important than sending out commercials over the radio or television no matter how carefully crafted the advertising may be. The value of digital assets such as images, audio, and especially video has in turn jumped to new heights because they increasingly act as the face of their respective companies and brands in a digital world.

One of the biggest advantages of such digital assets is that they can be developed more expediently than “old fashioned” non-digital, less re-purposeable materials. The time and cost of film, film development, and far fewer photos to choose from is simply negated by a digital camera with a memory card that can hold literally hundreds of photos immediately available for a corporate image library. Video production, a process far more costly than most photo shoots, has become astonishingly easier to do with the advent of cameras capable of producing digital videos. Since it’s so easy to create digital marketing materials, companies can quickly have hundreds or thousands of high-quality digital assets catalogued in their digital asset library.

Therein, however, lies the problem. Although digital assets are necessary and a business will be better off with a greater number of them, their size presents serious obstacles to resource-strapped IT departments to the point of jeopardizing in-house networks and bandwidth utilization. It won’t matter how many digital assets a company has if video and other rich media assets take up so many resources that computers in the office move at a snail’s pace or just simply crash. Neither is good for business.

Another common and frustrating problem related to having a large catalogue of digital assets is the supposedly simple process of finding and retrieving logos, images, and videos from an in-house server or other scattered locations. In addition to the time consuming process of finding the best asset to use, once again, the size of the asset could cause issues with its retrieval as well as take up valuable memory needed for other critical business endeavors.

The easiest solution for hurdling both of these obstacles is to have those digital assets managed elsewhere with hosted DAM software. With online video management, those huge video assets are stored outside of the office and can be easily accessed by any number of marketing teams and channel partners worldwide at the same time in a much more quick and efficient manner. Web-based software for digital asset hosting can also be used to analyze which digital materials work best for specific marketing conditions and selling situations, thus contributing to improving their ROI. Essentially, keeping digital assets in such a centralized, online manner makes them far easier to manage, facilitates user adoption, and substantially augments efficiency of marketing operations.

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