Photoshop Color Retouching and Manipulation of Layer Effects on a Digital Asset Part 1 by Matt Anderson

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For this next example I am going to use layer effects to recreate a mirrored look on some expensive trendy glass tiles. My client provided me a digital asset of mirror glass tiles that reflected a dark room. The ambient room lighting provided a dark and unattractive reflection. To create a more appealing and marketable appearance I recreated a traditional mirror reflection using Photoshops layer effects.

Step One - Using the pen tool I masked off all in interior contents of each fragment.
Step Two - Using the pen tool I masked off all the glass tile from the grout.
Step Three - I made a selection from my glass tile path to mask off the layer effects.
Step Four - I made a selection of the grout and with color manipulation I neutralized the warm cast of the grout.

Here is the before, mask of tile, and final look of the expensive glass tile digital asset.

Glass tile animation

To accomplish this layer effect I did the following:
(Tiles are masked on their own layer)

  1. Created a Drop Shadow
  2. Created an Inner Shadow
  3. Created an Inner Glow
  4. Created a Color Overlay
  5. Created a Stroke

Using these settings in tandom provides a reflection more in line with what consumers are use to seeing in brand marketing of reflective pieces. (The soft white neutral cloudy nature.)

Here is an animation of the layer effects settings.

Layer effects Settings

My final step was to use the grout selection and desaturate the warm casted grout.

Keywords: Color Retouching, Color Manipulation, Color Management, Brand recognition, Photoshop, Creative Software

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