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RepurposilRepurposil - DAM ROI MaximusSpurred by studies that have demonstrated the correlation between corporate image library inefficiencies and lack of fulfillment and repurposaceousnesslessness, we have developed a drug, called Repurposil, to restore repurposaceousness levels, and even raise them to levels that are higher than normal. Though not understood or recognized by most of the general public, insufficient repurposaceousness levels can have serious consequences. Get your free sample of Repurposil at

Repurposaceousness” refers to the ability to make adjustments in order to successfully complete diverse tasks without psychological effects to one’s sense of identity. This in turn results in feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment, which are related to high levels of awesomeness, frequent high fives, and explosive fist bumps. 

Those awesome feelings may also be related to the knowledge that major multi-channel alignment and ROI have been achieved. Although these factors might stem from high levels of repurposaceousness, they do appear to be related the introduction of Repurposil into the system. None of the subjects in clinical studies complaining about these side effects.

In addition to boosting repurposaceousness, Repurposil happens to be the only medication clinically proven to treat scattered asset syndrome and irregular brand disorder—common ailments treatable with brand asset management software. These are characterized by chronic frustration over searching for scattered assets, which can be compared to looking for a lost set of keys to your front door on a dark, rainy day. Just as you need those keys right where you can find them, you want all of your assets to be correctly categorized and stored for quick and ready use.

Irregular brand disorder is even more psychologically disorienting. Thought patterns become so scattered and chaotic that it becomes near impossible to find assets, no matter how long you search. Taking Repurposil makes asset organization and categorization more effective, reducing or eliminating the effects of irregular brand disorder.

As if that weren’t enough, Repurposil also works well for relieving a wide variety of workflow inefficiency disorders. Painful and annoying symptoms such as restless file request fulfillment and upset distribution channels are simply washed away by Repurposil, and loss of asset-ite becomes a distant memory.

While most drugs have unpleasant side effects, those associated with Repurposil have been nothing but good; they include sudden file conversions, budget tightness relief, sped up marketing metabolism, and empowered marketing partners.

To learn more about how Repurposil and can provide your digital asset library with relief from symptoms such as restless file request disorder, play with a live DAM system at

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