Repurposing Your Digital Assets For The Most Effective Image Asset Management

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Digital assets management includes such functions as higher efficiency and better communication that results in more assets being produced and put into action in less amount of time, and a higher overall degree of brand consistency due to centralized control of assets. The storage benefits of a DAM system that uses the cloud should also be mentioned, but there are also many other reasons for using DAM software. One such reason is to help with the re-purposing of digital assets.

The pliable nature of digital assets combined with modern multi-channel marketing makes them highly suitable for re-purposing. Many people confuse re-purposing with reusing. The difference between these two terms is that when one reuses something, you just use it for the same reason in the same way. This would be akin to using your car to drive to work day after day. However, put some advertising materials on your vehicle and drive it around town, and you have just re-purposed it. The same could be said about using a magic broom to fly home on after employing it to sweep the floor. In terms of digital assets, re-purposing is all about using those images or videos in different mediums instead of creating one asset for a brochure and very similar, separate one for a website.

Re-purposing digital assets makes them far more valuable because it saves a huge amount of resources that would have been used for their production. DAM helps with re-purposing digital assets because it provides a system in which administrators and users can easily and effectively share and communicate about the same set of assets. Instead of users wasting precious time and company resources in making new assets, they can look into re-purposing assets that are already available. Administrators could also provide the most commonly re-purposed assets with meta data tags or put them in an appropriately named folder for quick access.

Re-purposing is such an important aspect of digital asset management that Widen considers the re-purpose ratio to be one of the most important ratios for digital asset management. The "repurpose ratio" is a comparison between active digital assets and the number of files ordered. This provides insight into the extent to which content is re-purposed over a period of time, and thus provides valuable information for their proper management.

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