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[Toolkit] Find Your Way to the Right DAM Solution

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Welcome. There’s not a doubt in our minds that you are here for a good reason. There comes a time in the digital asset management (DAM) journey where you just know there has to be a better way. Whatever finally pushed you down this path — the unrelenting search for assets, the lack of brand control, the broken workflows, the sheer chaos of it all — you’ve taken a step in the right direction. 

So now what? You’ve started down the path to find the best DAM solution. There is a lot to think about before you sign on the dotted line. DAM is an investment of time and money, and you need to make the absolute best choice for you, your teams, and your business. 

That is why we are excited to bring to you (and all DAM explorers out there), The DAM Evaluation Toolkit. Step-by-step, exercise-by-exercise, we give you the tools you need to find the right DAM solution. 

What’s included in The DAM Evaluation Toolkit? 

Evaluating DAM solutions can be a tumultuous endeavor. There are a lot of options. And unless you’ve been through the process before (and sometimes even if you have), it’s challenging to know exactly what you need to consider and prepare in advance. 

Think of The DAM Evaluation Toolkit as your own personal sherpa. This hands-on toolkit provides you with a framework that will carry you through your unique DAM evaluation process. No two DAM journeys are the same, so cookie-cutter guidance won’t suffice. This toolkit arms you with the information, resources, exercises, and tools you need to evaluate and discover which DAM solution is best — for you.

The DAM Evaluation Toolkit includes: 

  • Questions, examples, and guidance to unlock your true DAM goals
  • Exercises to identify your priorities and unique vendor evaluation criteria 
  • Tips for assembling a DAM-evaluation squad 
  • Processes to streamline research and information gathering
  • Proven “try before you buy” methods
  • A DAM evaluation scorecard template
  • Third-party resources to use throughout your evaluation process

Download your toolkit to get started

How does DAM fit into your technology ecosystem?

Investing in a DAM solution can be a game changer. However, the last thing you want to do is add yet another disjointed platform to your lineup of marketing technologies. Sure, they all do different things. But to get the most productivity, collaboration, and benefit out of your people, processes, and tools, you need your technologies to work together. 

DAM software isn’t a one-off solution for managing your videos, images, and creative files. It’s a core technology that connects and powers your entire marketing ecosystem. When placed at the center of your operations and integrated with your other tools, it extends your digital assets from a central source of truth. Serving as a content hub, it supports your people, channels, and other technologies. This means fewer redundant efforts. It also means people don’t need to second-guess which assets are the right assets. You can create, update, and control assets in one place, which eliminates duplicate versions and automatically extends changes across your channels and connected tools. Pretty powerful stuff.  

Integration flow graphic

But exactly where you position your DAM platform within your marketing technology ecosystem is up to you. Think about the go-to technologies you use and need (this mapping exercise can help). What are the relationships between your people and your tools? Which teams rely on which tools, and what data and information do they need? By evaluating your unique needs, you can determine the role a DAM solution can play within your organization and technology ecosystem.

The Widen way

Finding the right DAM vendor and solution is not an exact science. What’s right for you and your organization may not be right for someone else. At Widen, we know the power of our DAM platform, the Widen Collective®. However, we also know that it’s only best if it solves the needs of its users, and helps organizations meet their goals.

Our approach is simple. We take the time to understand your DAM objectives and priorities. We educate you on whatever it is you need — the DAM industry, your vendor options, and of course our solutions, capabilities, and (yes) any areas where we can’t meet your needs. We work alongside you as you travel down the path to finding the best DAM solution for your business. Because at the end of the day, we want to ensure we’re a good fit, just as much as you want to find the right fit. 

So, is our DAM solution right for you? Not sure, but we’re willing to find out. Contact us today to begin your journey to the best DAM solution for you.  

Ready to start your DAM journey? Download the toolkit now and get started. 

Banner graphic with The DAM Evaluation Toolkit preview image and link to get the toolkit.

Note: This article was originally publish in July 2013. Both the article and the toolkit have been refreshed to include new information and tips. 

Topics: Marketing, MarTech, Change Management

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