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Signature Block Marketing Resources and Best Practices

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As a marketer who markets products and services to fellow marketers, I thought it might be fun to share some best practices and or open up the conversation on the topic of using email as a primary communication method for B2B sales & marketing communications. Below is a list of resources and best practices for utilizing the email signature block to reinforce your message and brand, introduce your personality and further engage your intended target in 1-to-1 communication.     

Signature Block Marketing Best Practices and Resources

1. Contact Info. Stating the obvious, it’s the standard element for continuing the conversation. Who are you and why should I care? And, how do I get a hold of you if I do care?  Include:  name, title, company, phone, email, address, etc.  Also, a link to your Website helps people learn more about your company. As a bonus, a LinkedIn profile link helps people learn more about you, your background, and provides another opportunity to connect.

2. Company Logo. Reinforce your business branding and helps your organization maintain top of mind presence for continued brand recognition. People remember images more than words… so if your name, need, product or service comes up, your logo should be one of the first things that come to mind.

3. Tagline or Mission. What does your company stand for and how can I understand it in as few words as possible? 

4. Statistics. Stats resonate well with people and strengthen the message. Statistics help to quantify your message and better compel people to take action.

5. Quotes. Quotes humanize your message and add credibility to you, your company and your product. Quotes should come from your customers, 3rd-party trusted resources, company leaders or notable public figures. 

6. Links to Additional Resources. Use any combination of three resources where people can learn more, make a justification or get more proof. Any more than three resources is overload, but a diverse group will help answer more questions and connect you with opportunities sooner. It’s important to keep your list of resources fresh and select them based on the level of engagement. Examples include whitepapers, videos, articles, press releases, blogs or other links to something like a demo, trial, ROI info or other key web-pages or brochures.

7. Social Networks & Social Media. Social networks and social media are a great venue to provide more intimate details about your organization and yourself. They help build community and make users feel more welcomed. Plus, if they like what they see, they’ll pass it along… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are among the most popular.


Bonus – Rich Media. Images and Videos speak volumes. A profile picture will help you connect a name with a face. Friendly images such as cartoons help you build a connection and bridge a communication gap oftentimes difficult to achieve without a conversation. Videos further enhance the user experience and accelerate communications.  


If there are other experiences or methods that come to mind when you think of Signature Block Marketing Best Practices and Resources, please feel free to share.

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