Spinning the DAM wheel: The future of Digital Asset Management

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If you visualize modern marketing as a bicycle wheel, digital asset management (DAM) is the hub; the audience is the rim; channels and strategies are the spokes connecting them. The quality of experiences inflates or deflates the tire. The integrity of the wheel depends on DAM, without which it would collapse. The hub, literally and metaphorically, structures, organizes and turns the wheel from a common point, where all content begins and returns.

Future of digital asset management

We’ve blazed a trail for this vision of DAM. It has given us a distinct role in the marketing ecosystem – and a differentiated offering in the land of DAM vendors. That is why we’re proud to share our perspective of how the cloud, convergence, and analytics will disrupt the DAM market in this recorded webinar. 

We’re not a multibillion dollar software giant, like some companies in the digital asset management market reports. However, we swing way above our weight class because cloud, convergence and analytics are already at the core of what we do. As we take DAM beyond the media library, this trio will shape our roadmap, which we’d like to share with you today.

Ten years ago, we became one of the first DAMs to go cloud. We’ve been advancing our integrations over the last 5 years, and now, nearly one in three enterprise customers makes use of our API. We believe you should use the best marketing solutions money can buy, and we will continue to ensure that those solutions seamlessly integrate with Widen Collective.

We think DAM analytics should go beyond ‘vanity’ metrics to bring more meaning to DAM and the content it powers. You want to know how content performs, where it is being used, and how it could become more engaging. With our Insights application and newly released Quick Insights, we’ve answered these questions. Your marketing teams can now plan, produce, promote and re-purpose content guided by meaningful data.

DAM will change the scale of your digital marketing. To borrow our wheel metaphor, DAM will enable your brand to add more spokes, reach a wider rim of humanity and support a thicker tire. To that end, we will elevate Widen Collective to a more comprehensive visual content marketing platform over the next 18 months. The Widen content hub will include new applications and services that help you plan, produce, review, manage, publish, and analyze marketing content.

If modern marketing is a wheel of experiences, then transformation and growth begin at the hub. We invite you to explore that possibility more in this recorded webinar. 

Digital asset management powers content and experiences

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