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Summit Stories: DAM as a revenue driver

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2016 Summit Stories

The sales team is on the front line of creating clients. They provide a personal touch to the voice and messaging of your company, specific to the buyer they are interacting with.  It’s critical that salespeople are equipped to communicate the value your company provides. Photographs and videos are critical assets that help communicate the ideas of your product and/or service.

Sales teams need instant access to photos and videos that will help close deals

Even the most stunning and convincing imagery will have no impact on closing a deal if it’s never seen by the buyer. Why didn’t the salesperson share it with the potential client? Because they are using files that are easiest for them to find and share, and that stunning video wasn’t one of them.

2016 Summit Stories

Chris Brooks, Vice President of Creative Services at FASTSIGNS International, shared his company's story during the 2016 Widen Summit. They view their digital asset management (DAM) system as more than an organized library. It is a tool supporting their revenue driving efforts. We’ll explore how organizations should be using DAM as a revenue driver and how it’s done at FASTSIGNS International.




[Action one] Support sales conversations with personalized, lead specific images

What are others like me doing? What does the value you’re offering actually look like? A key aspect to your salesperson's role is to paint a vivid picture of the benefit, the experience your client will have after purchasing your product and/or service. What’s a better way to do that than actual lifestyle, product or client images?

Do your salespeople have access to the best images to paint that vivid picture, or are they left with random images in disperse folders on their desktop? That’s where a DAM system becomes a revenue driving sales tool. Like the iPod put 10,000 songs into your pocket, a DAM system puts 10,000 images into your salesperson’s hand, and the search and filter functionality to find the perfect images to present to the client in real time.

FASTSIGNS sales teams share examples with clients

As business shifts from brick-and-mortar to more digital experiences, sales teams need to adjust their communication methods. FASTSIGNS found that large corporate clients weren’t walking into their sales centers as often they used to, so FASTSIGNS adapted to grow their outside sales force to go out and meet clients at their location. FASTSIGNS salespeople  needed to bring stories and product examples with them. To do this, FASTSIGNS uses collections of images that tell those stories from their digital asset management system.

2016 Summit Stories

Even if the salespeople weren't face-to-face with the cleint, they can still share images over the internet. During the call, a salesperson can search through their library of images in the DAM system, curate a collection of sign solutions based off of the conversation with the client, and then send the collection to the client without ever leaving their phone call.

Bringing this kind of personalization to the sales process has allowed franchisees to close more business by phone and reduce the amount of travel time. One example Chris shared was for vehicle wraps. FASTSIGNS knows that vehicle wraps are a high impact sign but clients needed confidence in the design direction before making the purchase. Franchisees use the DAM to share a customized collection of wrap examples sorted by industry or color. “By providing the right information at the right time of purchase, clients now have a better frame of reference to purchase the correct wrap style,” Chris said.

[Action two] Train sales to deliver the best client experience

According to a Qvidian report, 36% of organizations find "ramping up new sales reps takes too long" as one of the top reasons why their teams are failing to reach their quota goals. Christopher Faust, of Qvidian, cites “The fire hose effect" as one of the main challenges with salesperson onboarding. He explains, “This occurs during onboarding when sales reps receive information faster than they can process it while not having the proper context to apply it.”

To combat this overwhelming amount of information dumped on new employees, organizations can provide more digestible onboarding content over an extended period of time, or even provide constant learning information throughout a career. It’s better to create snackable, helpful training resources, and house them together to be consumed by salespeople. This kind of self-service training helps employees learn in context of the situation instead of searching through memories of an initial info dump.

FASTSIGNS provides snackable training via video tutorials and role play scenarios

DAM helps FASTSIGNS solve the challenge of snackable sized training by providing “Coachable moments” in the way of on demand training for Franchisee’s employees. Employees receive “snackable”, training in the form of video tutorials and sales role play scenarios or questionnaires.

“By modeling proper customer service behavior and techniques, we are able to deliver a consistent level of customer care which reinforces our “More Than” brand promise. This all happens at the point when the employee is the most coachable,” said Chris Brooks.

The DAM system’s extensive metadata search feature makes it easy to search the database of training materials. From one central place, FASTSIGNS employees can watch a role play video, download a sign survey checklist, or access the proper sales form. “All this effort ensures FASTSIGNS employees are prepared to offer the best sign solution to the customer,” Chris Brooks explained.

[Action three] Fast-track the sales conversation by providing client examples on your website

We’ve already looked at the impact a digital library can have for a sales team’s conversation with a buyer. But what about all those buyers hitting your website, shopping around before talking to your sales team? How many qualified buyers are slipping away to a competitor before a conversation. Buyers have a seemingly endless amount of information to consume before ever contacting a sales rep.

While some might see the delay in contact with your team as a problem. Others are working closely with their marketing teams to create better informed, ready to purchase buyers. Those same images your teams are sharing with clients in conversations can also be displayed on your website.

FASTSIGNS puts an extensive, filterable library of client examples on their website

FASTSIGNS uses their digital asset library to power an ecommerce style of business. “Each FASTSIGNS Center has the ability to show sign examples on their webpage. The majority of customers find a design they like and simply need to make a slight adjustment in order for the sign to fit their needs,” said Chris Brooks.

Say you’re in the market for some decals for your windows. You visit the FASTSIGNS website and you already can view hundreds of product examples. Filter by sign material, environment, primary color, industry, challenge, or event to find examples relevant to your need. You’re now entering the conversation with the FASTSIGNS sales team already knowing possible solutions.

When you’re thinking about the tools your sales team needs to work effectively, remember the power digital assets have for informing and influencing people. And for those digital assets to be effective, they need to be accessible, organized, and shareable.

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