The 5 Things I Learned from Customers

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One of the best things about my job is that I get to talk to customers.  And since we have been good at talking to customers, we keep getting more customers.  So….really, it is not just talking to customers that I like, it is taking the conversations I have with customers and putting them into action.
Some customer conversations highlight the simple things whereas others recommend changes to process or product.  Our customers have valuable insight into how we can continue to help them and throughout my conversations I have learned five key things:
We have great customers
We get to work with some of the most reputable brands in the world in addition to the rising stars in the small and medium size business world.  It is an honor to help these organizations and their marketing and creative teams with digital asset management.  These teams have exceptional insight into the management of their DAM system because it is the library for everything they work for; the brand.  They love it and they want to advance it just like we do.  We strongly believe our customer base is the most educated and well versed digital asset management team across the industry.
Our employees are awesome

Customers are referencing employees and telling me stories about how they benchmark other technology deployments against the Widen experience.  In a recent case, the customer told me they were implementing another marketing system and they asked the supplier why they couldn’t be more like the people at Widen.  We have great employees and they go out of the way for our customers – and the customers recognize it.  We have expertise that match up precisely with customer teams to ensure customers receive value with every interaction.
The product is powerful
Widen digital asset management technology typically starts at the workgroup level to serve the immediate demands of marketing personnel.  After successful experiences at that level, the decision to scale to the enterprise is an easy one because of the Widen product configuration.  Whether it is thousands of additional users, terabytes of data, or brands spread throughout the world, the product is powerful enough to scale to meet the enterprise demand.
When we say service, we really mean it
It is people talking to people.  It is digital asset management teams at Widen holding the hands of the customer implementation team.  We are sharing in the risk of the success because we are a software-as-a-service organization.  Customers trust us because we have earned that trust.   They trust us to engage their user community and educate them on digital asset management.  They need our expertise to help them manage their images and video files throughout the relationship and we do not let them down.  Our project management and help desk teams are positioned to proactively address the demands of our customers.  Widen customers understand what the last “S” in SaaS really means.
Our teams manage expectations very well
In response to the question, did you experience any disconnects between the selling process and the use of the Widen digital asset management system, the response is absolutely not.  Our sales and marketing teams manage expectations early in the process to ensure that customer expectations and our product and service combination is a good match.  Dissatisfied customers lie in the gap between what was promised and what was actually delivered and our teams are deliberate in our process to make sure each customer experience is exceptional.

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