The Repurposing Department of Repurposing Presentation from Henry Stewart Chicago

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Matthew Gonnering at the Henry Stewart Business Briefing on Digital Asset Management in Chicago on October 27, 2008 introducing keys to the digital asset embed links in "The Repurposing Department of Repurposing."

One of the key responsibilities of a digital asset management application is the ability to centralize digital media and repurpose it to maximize the initial investment – which was the cost to create the digital asset.  The historical reference to repurposing encompasses sales and marketing channels accessing multiple formats of an asset with on-the-fly file conversions. 

Traditional Model of Repurposing Digital Assets

Popular assets are repurposed thousands of times and some are not used at all – but every time these files are downloaded and taken out of the DAM system, it makes it more difficult to control when the files change. 

Repurposing has obvious benefits, but it also has its challenges.  The new philosophy on repurposing is not downloading these files but giving the marketing channels a source to point to – without downloading.  One Internet, One File

Widen DAM Embed Links

In the event that an image or video file changes, only one update needs to be made and the next time the web page is visited, every online location automatically displays the correct file because it is LINKED – NOT DOWNLOADED.

Gonnering also discusses how DAM is an enabling technology that provides the framework for a web content management application to be more focused on delivering the core content, while DAM serves the images and videos.

Last, Gonnering focuses on how to relieve internal I.T. infrastructure from the strain of publishing videos.  Most I.T. infrastructures are not intended to handle the massive, simultaneous viewing demands of a video file.  Those infrastructures are created using the most cost effective means possible.  With a DAM SaaS delivery model, Widen embed links allow for the infrastructure to scale to meet the demand at a peak moment and you only pay for what’s required at that moment in time.

DAM SaaS Video Serving Scalability

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