The Task of Training

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Guest Blog Post from Ben Johnsen, Widen Sales Representative, regarding training and help desk support.

Ongoing training and support is an important element of Widen’s Digital Asset Management Software as a Service – with a big bold underline under service.  However, I think training and help desk support is something that is often overlooked when considering the purchase of a software solution.  

I recently had a conversation with a University looking to make a switch from their current DAM solution to something different – something more in the realm of “hosted.”  One of the main reasons this department wanted to make a switch was the time they felt was wasted by training and re-training employees on how to use their current system.  They said it was very confusing to new users and it took quite a bit of training to get them up to speed.    

Think about the time you spend training new employees or people who assume new responsibilities when someone leaves.  If you or a new employee needs help administering the DAM system, wouldn’t it be easier to say “Call Widen” as opposed to troubleshooting and training on your own?  If I.T. can help, that’s great.  But really, if you’re an I.T. person do you really have the time to help marketing and creative teams with their software or is there more business-critical tasks at hand?

What’s needed with training in a DAM system?  Sometimes there’s basic end-user training on things like searching and ordering or downloading assets.  Then there’s administrator training for asset ingestion and indexing on things like setting up asset groups, upload profiles, metadata types and asset security settings.   Next, there’s training on setting up users to include things like roles, permissions and users. 

Thankfully, from an end-user standpoint, the Widen digital asset software is very user friendly and end-user training is held to a minimum – if any at all.  Any web savvy person who can use Google or Amazon can use Widen marketing software.   Searching is as simple as Google.  Ordering assets for yourself or others to download or ship is pain free with Widen’s checkout wizard.   Instead of calling around the horn or running though the building to find out who can help when there’s a question, Widen’s DAM solution has live chat with a dedicated technical support team available to help.

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