The Top 13 Widen Digital Asset Management Resources for 2013

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Top 13 Widen Blog Posts Going into 20132012 was a big year for content marketing, and there's going to be an even greater need for digital asset management solutions at organizations of all shapes and sizes in 2013. In this post to kick off the lucky year ‘13, we bring you our top DAM blog posts from 2012. 

As luck would have it, you can get in touch with any of our DAM experts any time to talk about a wide range of topics — DAM & brand strategy, social media & digital asset optimization, metadata & taxonomy development, governance models, and implementation & maintenance best practices.
Here are our top 13 DAM blog resources you can take into 2013:
The four phases of the DAM decision journey1. Choosing a digital asset management system: The four phases of the DAM decision journey – This handy guide was created to help those embarking on the DAM journey for the first time to navigate the milestones necessary to strategize, research, justify and evaluate potential solutions and come out with the best fit partner.
2. Digital assets are "repurposaceous" and other key takeaways for the uninitiated – This post gets into five key takeaways for digital asset management newbies and why repurposing content is so important to efficient marketing operations.
3. How do you choose the best Digital Asset Management solution? – This post introduces the intangible factors to consider in identifying the right DAM partner to help you maximize the value of your brand assets.
4. The value of embed code generation in DAM software – One of the more popular DAM subjects of the year, this post introduces you to one of the most handy features for repurposing your digital media across the online customer experience.
DAM goes beyond time savings and efficiency5. Ad agencies and digital asset management - the end benefit – Advertising agencies are among the verticals where the need for effective DAM tools are most critical for improving resource allocation and creative collaboration through the digital supply chain.
6. Creative agencies that use digital asset management experience big benefits – This post introduces three must-haves for successful adoption of digital asset management at a creative agency according to a renowned Chicago-based ad agency.
7. On-premises digital asset management software - How other systems add hidden costs – This isn't one of those diatribes on hosted vs. installed software; this post offers an insider’s view of the costs that typically go unaccounted for during evaluations.
8. A user is a user is a user and more about the Widen digital asset management user model – This post uncovers the differences of user license models among web-based DAM vendors and provides a breakdown of the types of users you employ across all facets of the digital asset lifecycle – from content contributors to editors, publishers, auditors, and more.
9. How to audit your digital asset management system in 10 easy steps – This site audit outline was developed for Widen Media Collective customers, but the format can be adopted for just about any solution as a way to evaluate, improve and optimize the structure of your DAM system and, in turn, the use of your brand assets.
10. Making your DAM usage better with a Widen end user survey – This resource offers a guide to the continuous improvement process by tapping the feedback from end users of your brand asset library.
There's a ton of ways to save with DAM11. It's about “protection of investments” with destination marketing organizations (DMOs) – Beyond the benefits of repurposing content, this post gets into the most valuable justifications for DAM tools — security and protection of your assets and your brand.
12. You don't need to break the bank to meet your business' DAM software needs – This post reminds us that sophisticated DAM tools don’t need to cost a fortune, although they can be worth a fortune to your marketing operation and brand equity.
13. Drive Then Sign - Experience what it’s like to use Digital Asset Management Software Before You Buy – We know you sometimes just feel like getting in and taking a test drive! This post provides a number of different options for "getting a feel" for potential solutions.
We hope you’ve enjoyed our content! What did we miss? What would you like to see more of? 
Leave a comment or ask an expert to get in touch.
BONUS: This post from 2011 introduces what continues to be our most popular white paper – What to know before you go!


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