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What does the color in your logo say about your brand?

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What does red make you think about?
Does blue make you feel peaceful or stable?
When you see yellow, do you think warm, happy thoughts?

What emotion does the color of your brand evoke?


Color is a universal language. Color conveys meaning and emotion without words. Color and branding go hand in hand. If I mention McDonald's, the first image in your mind is probably the golden arches, right? I think of the honorable Mayor McCheese and how he would be much better for the city of Toronto than their current mayor, but that's just me. Would you think the same way about McDonald's food if the arches were a deep shade of blue? or sea foam green? Think about Target. After you think of their security breach and check your credit card statement, you think of that bright red bullseye logo. Think UPS and the image of a brown shield pops up. UPS even used their color in a popular marketing campaign, asking "What can brown do for you?" The fact that UPS thinks the color brown can do anything for me is rather presumptuous on their part. But it is a great example of the power that a particular hue has for a brand. Brown is not a high tech color, it is grounded, earthy, wholesome, natural  and dependable. UPS wants you to think they are dependable.

Let's look at what some other common colors mean…

Red is the international color for stop, Look! Red demands your attention. Red is a color of good luck in Asia. Red is the color of passion, seduction, lust and love. Red is associated with heat and warmth. Red is also associated with war and danger.

Blue is the favorite color of most people. Blue evokes a sense of peace, serenity, calm, infinity and trust. It's no surprise that blue is color most often used in corporate identity. Blue is the color associated with the sky and water. It is the color of sleep and rest.

Yellow is the color of creativity, happiness, sunshine and warmth (Okay, technically sunshine is more white than yellow, but I always used a yellow crayon when I drew the sun in grade school, so therefore it must be yellow). Yellow means wisdom. Spongebob is also yellow, which kind of negates that wisdom thing I just mentioned.

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, health and life. Green means balance, and harmony. It's a widely known fact that green M&Ms taste better. It can be used to describe an ecology movement when you refer to someone as "green". "Tree hugger" is also acceptable. Kermit the Frog is green, and he didn't think it was easy being green. See my previous post -  It's not easy being 48L* -58a* 28b* (green). for more on this cool color.

Orange is engaging and highly visible. Orange is symbolic of excitement, adventure, endurance and vitality. Halloween is orange. The carpeting in my bedroom in 1976 was orange. Orange is associated with healthy foods. An Orange is the only fruit named after the color on its skin. I am currently eating an orange.

Purple is the color of royalty, dreams, magic and mystery. It is the color of wisdom, imagination and inspiration. Purple is associated with peace of mind and individuality. Purple is often used to promote a high quality product or a premium service. Tinky Winky was the purple Teletubby. Just saying…


Blue is a color of strength. Oreos use blue in their logo. Therefore, eating Oreo cookies will make me stronger. It can't hurt to try, right? In that case, I'm stacking Double Stuffs and going for maximum massive muscle potential with Quadruple Stuffs.


Control your color
Your brand is important to you. The color of your brand says a lot about your company. Organize, control and protect your brand. It's color. It's identity, with Smartimage. Smartimage is a cloud based  solution that provides powerful tools for managing the visual representation of your brand. Help ensure that the face of your brand - your logo is used properly in a public space that you control. Ensure that the most current version, with the right colors, the right resolution, the right size in the right color space is available to those you need to share it with.  

What can the color of your logo do for you?   



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