What I'm Reading: Give Content a Chance: Why Smart Content is Smart Marketing

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I read an interesting the article the other day featured in Chief Marketer called “Give Content a Chance: Why Smart Content is Smart Marketing” by Joe Stanhope.  The article talked about a convergence of analytically-led marketing and the face of marketing to consumer’s – the content – including new content, versioned content, and dynamic content; which with the right strategies and toolkit can be used to create “smart content” or content most relevant to the consumer. 

The article is relevant to Widen marketing software because it talks about digital asset management as the foundation of the marketing resource content repository.  According to Joe Stanhope, “Smart content requires investment in marketing technology.  Initially, marketing needs an asset management system that contains all of its creative efforts, templates and documentation.  This centralization drives consistency, leading to an improved customer experience, and also makes marketing more efficient by enforcing standards and reducing the effort required to pull campaign elements together.”

Other parts of the article mention that the marketing asset management system must be integrated with the campaign management system to drive efficiency in distribution from a single source, avoiding duplicate efforts.  The author mentions that this helps the content become a stronger component of the campaign with equal consideration and balance with the “tactical components of campaign design.”  Stanhope mentions that marketing needs to track content consumption throughout campaigns and goes on to provide a list of new questions that arise. 

This article strikes a chord with Widen on multiple levels.  Widen’s digital asset management integration with Salesforce.com allows marketers to centralize all rich media within campaigns, which allows marketing content to be tracked to the individual campaigns and measured with its cumulative value across all campaigns.  Widen’s new release of embed codes allows marketing to treat DAM as the foundation with all assets centralized in one location and seamlessly repurposed across multiple online mediums.  Widen’s Marketing Template Creation application for Salesforce.com allows marketers to provide sales channels with customizable content.  Integrations with Salesforce.com allow marketers to be smart with their content by bringing the content to the end-consumer via the CRM.  All Widen marketing software comes with reporting tools that allows marketers to track and measure content availability and use. 

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