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What Markets Need Digital Asset Management?

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Digital Asset Management has long been used by companies in publishing, media and entertainment markets. Nowadays, many companies could use a digital asset management software to boost marketing efficiency and have the capability to analyze ROI of digital assets (among other reasons) but there are some niche markets that need DAM tools more than others. In general, organizations that need digital asset management are those that have a central marketing “command center” with a growing collection of digital media assets, and they work with distributed groups of people that need access to these brand assets to do their jobs.

Organizations with multiple departments and external affiliates including distributors, dealers, franchisees, etc. have gone from simply using DAM software as a handy tool to organize and send files to needing DAM to carry out effective, controlled marketing campaigns to build stronger customer relationships.

What Markets Need Digital Asset ManagementThe reason for companies needing access to a central DAM solution stems from the increase in sheer quantity of digital assets consumed and shared by large groups of users who are scattered across many disparate locations. Not having a true central repository with web-based access impedes efficiency and the ability to effectively create stronger relationships with key publics. Not to mention, when internal IT teams short on resources try to take on DAM software projects alone, they quickly realize their growing digital asset libraries take up too much space and the complexity of having different groups of users internally and externally becomes too difficult to manage.

A few markets that need Digital Asset Management workflow are:

Colleges and Universities – Higher learning institutions are somewhat akin to large corporations involved in a variety of sectors. Just as companies as diverse as food service, hospitality, and energy providers can all be owned by the same corporation, universities have separate departments for marketing, university relations, news & information services and athletics that all can benefit from having a centralized digital asset library. Each of these institution departments requires different levels of access to many of the same and different groups of media assets that must be distinctly managed and widely distributed for various purposes.

Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations – As with colleges and universities, there are a wide variety of needs for digital assets management to support the marketing and public relations efforts of hospitals and healthcare organizations. The need for DAM software is critical because these departments require very high degrees of control and security, but also the flexibility to use approved digital assets in creating communications pieces to connect with key publics internal and external to the organization.

Manufacturing Companies – Any company that manufactures a vast number of different products and creates digital media assets to promote, sell and serve these products likely has a problem in managing and distributing a growing digital media library. More than just managing their digital assets, marketing teams at manufacturing companies typically need to empower a widespread distributor / dealer network with marketing materials. These end-users help to extend the value of corporate campaigns and localize or co-brand promotional materials for their markets. Manufacturers of apparel, furniture, home appliances and housewares are perfect examples of such markets that need marketing asset management solutions.

Marketing and Creative Agencies – If DAM is not already one of the principle tools for agencies that provide advertising, marketing, creative and design services, you can be certain that they are truly feeling the need for a DAM system. These are the types of firms that many other companies turn to as their trusted provider for brand asset management and creation of marketing and communications programs that will help to increase brand awareness, drive revenue and improve market share. Web-based digital asset management for agencies involves technology and workflow services that allow for efficient collaboration between the agency and client to maximize the value of high-end digital assets.

Non-Profit Organizations – Non-profits need to reach out as much as possible to potential donors and key publics with convincing and creative material. It’s easiest to reach them via the Internet so large numbers of digital assets are made and distributed online which in turn drives the need for an online DAM system capable of using digital asset embed links to easily post assets to other online destinations. Moreover, nonprofits are faced with “doing more with less” and web-based marketing asset management is just the set of tools that can help with that.

It’s no surprise to see that more and more organizations from the aforementioned sectors are adopting some sort of hosted digital asset management system as they look to overcome barriers related to in-house storage limitations and decentralized repositories of inconsistent digital assets. Other markets that have been hot on the trail of implementing digital asset management technologies include medical technology, biotech and pharma, software, government, engineering and construction, and retail.

To see how DAM is used in your market, request your product demo or start with a guest pass to our demo site and take the tour on your own.

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