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What to know about digital asset management programs when you’re starting from square one

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What to know about Digital Asset ManagementDigital asset management has become an essential tool for any organization that works with digital assets. In other words, this includes just about any company that has an Internet presence and carries out marketing campaigns that use social media sites, email newsletters, or online videos. Organizations that aren’t very aware of DAM software eventually end up looking for it when they start to have problems managing their digital assets. Issues involving bandwidth, duplication of assets, and difficulties in finding assets become inevitable as videos and images accumulate.

Realization of the need for a DAM system is a first, big step in finding the right DAM solution, but many organizations have trouble moving forward with the next step. As they begin to look into options, companies quickly realize that finding the right DAM solution isn’t as straightforward as they had hoped. Dozens of vendors sell different types of DAM products and use unfamiliar jargon. A lot of them seem to have features that might be useful, but it’s still hard to pinpoint the best DAM system. With new applications and DAM systems making it to market, it seems like the more you investigate DAM, the more you need to learn.

As with many complicated processes, the search for the best-fit DAM solution can be simplified by thinking about what your organization needs to manage its digital assets and coming up with questions based on those requirements. That list of questions reflects the key DAM considerations of the company and will quickly whittle down the list of DAM vendors. This strategy works because it helps you figure out which DAM systems provide the solutions that most directly address the issues faced by your company.

Knowing what a good DAM system is capable of will also help in formulating a list of concerns and needed solutions. A quality DAM system will at least be able to:

  • Eliminate or greatly ease storage concerns: Cloud-based systems work well in this regard.
  • Increase efficiency: A good DAM system will save huge amounts of time by simplifying various processes associated with digital assets.
  • Be easy to use: Since a lot of people will be using the system on a daily basis, it has to be easy for users to adopt and simple to use. Software-as-a-service DAM often helps in this regard by providing training and ongoing service.

To learn more about what you need to know when looking for a DAM system, check out John Horodyski's excellent white paper, “What to Know Before you Go!”

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