Widen = Experience = Confidence.

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Widen = Experience = Confidence.There are a lot of amazing things happening at Widen every day, each fueled by the one thing that truly separates us from the pack — our experience.
That word, experience, is about much more than history or expertise. It’s about confidence. Widen instills confidence in our people and, in turn, confidence in our customers. 
True, we’ve been around since 1948. True, we retain the same employees for years, and true we continually focus on what we know we do best. As a result, we’ve consciously evolved from a printer/engraver to a cutting-edge digital media solutions company, we’ve helped our employees grow their skill sets in ways that have expanded our offering and we’ve confidently innovated new products that replicate our strengths.
Not many companies can tell that story, and even fewer can tell it with success. So, when we say we’re experienced, it doesn’t mean we’re stodgy, stagnant or old. On the contrary, it’s the core of our brand and this is why it makes us so great:
1.  We get it.
Over 65 years, you see and do a lot. You learn a lot, too. As a result, we know the world of business first-hand. We’ve lived your pain points and know how to move you forward by doing the things we do best.
2.  We treat people right.
Every Widen prospect, customer, partner, vendor and employee is treated with respect and empowered to do things better. That’s why we have low employee turnover, smart partners who want to innovate with us, and the best customers in the industry.
3.  We’re forward-thinkers.
We’re not a company behind the desk. We’re out there — talking and learning from others, sharing what we know, and inviting thought leaders to join our community of knowledge. We’ve aligned with some of the best marketing organizations in the country (Business Marketing Association, American Marketing Association) to ensure that we build on what we already know and deliver what our customers need before they know they need it.
4.  We’re not going away.
Our character and knowledge are the pillars of our strength. We can innovate with confidence today because we know we’ll be around tomorrow.
We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave us a comment below or contact us with any questions, comments, ideas, or inspirations that fuel you!

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