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listeningDo you believe the Widen’s highly responsive and knowledgeable teams, accessible to every client, provide an unmatched service experience for every customer?

We do.

Our challenge is to differentiate ourselves with our service when our competitors make similar claims. So how is the market to know who to trust and what to expect from a specific digital asset management (DAM) vendor prior to signing an agreement?


Last year, we launched the SaaSisfaction Gauntlet, a challenge to the DAM community to share customer satisfaction survey results. We led the way, and set the industry benchmark, by sharing our customer results. We knew this would also benefit DAM seekers, who need to know what the service experience will be with a vendor. Backing claims of “great customer service” with little more than lip service is not good enough.

With a service legacy since 1948, we strongly believe that the Widen service model and the way we treat customers is what other digital asset management vendors strive to become. We like paving the way and shall continue by sharing evidence that our customers are the most satisfied digital asset management customers in the market.

Since the competitive response to sharing customer satisfaction results was zero, we thought maybe the survey was too much work, too many questions; perhaps there was not enough time available for the marketing teams at the other digital asset management vendors to determine how satisfied their customers are. Maybe a survey was done but it was not worth sharing with everyone because the results did not match up to Widen. Either way, the response was noticeably absent for all. 

The poor DAM buyers, they have no idea what they are getting into without vendor evidence of a satisfied customer experience.

This year we simplified things to one question. For the benefit of continuous improvement and more satisfied digital asset management experiences, we are asking DAM vendors to ask one question then share the results of that question. The question comes from Net Promoter and is as follows:

How likely is it that you would recommend [DAM Vendor Name] to a friend or colleague?

That’s it. One question. Too tough because you have never surveyed your customers before and don’t have a good survey tool to use? Use Survey Monkey; it’s free and easy to use. 

Widen results are available here.

Please let us know who you are by completing the form then you will be taken directly to the download page where you can see how our customers responded to that one question.

If you are a DAM vendor, post your responses back to your blog, website, or issue a press release so industry bloggers can pick it up and post for you. Remember, DAM seekers need to know how satisfied their service experience will be and you can tell them by communicating the loyalty of your customers through one question.


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