Widen Workshop LA rounds out 2016

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Widen Workshop LA

In 2016, we hosted three Widen Workshops: New York City in May, Chicago in July, and we finished the lineup by heading west to Los Angeles in November. During the Workshops, Widen admins spent the day sharing ideas and learning from each other, planning for future site optimization, and taking the next steps with their Widen Collective site. While we were in LA, we of course ate some great local food (street tacos, anyone?) and made sure to hold the Workshop in a big, open, and appropriately arty workspace right off Hollywood Boulevard in the heart of “show biz” (it was in the back room of an actual art shop).

Here’s an overview of what happened at the LA Workshop.

Widen Workshop LA
Talked shop and compared notes
As part of our Widen community of admins, you’ve told us time and time again that you value getting together to talk shop, compare notes, and to learn from each other. So, we built in as much time as possible for everyone to do just that. The day started with coffee, open networking, and then went right into a few highlighted customer case studies and examples of innovative DAM. It’s inspiring and helpful to learn what others are doing and to be able to ask on the spot what worked and what didn’t.

Customer case studies shared and discussed: Check! 

Widen Workshop LA

Reviewed the product roadmap and future product design
Every 2016 Widen Workshop has included a product roadmap session so you can plan, talk about what you need, ask questions about the future, and be in the know about what’s coming with the Widen Collective. Our marketing manager, Jake Athey, also showcased the latest in DAM, Workflow, Portals, and other exciting product updates that are just around the corner.

Future product design: Check! 

Hands-on training labs
Based on feedback from the Workshops in New York and Chicago, several of you asked that we offer deeper dives and more hands-on sessions at our Workshops. You like bringing your computer to the Workshop and accomplishing something while there. So, at the LA Workshop, we tried a hands-on project where we helped you build a portal and tackled metadata structure while Wideneers walked around, answered questions, and helped everyone successfully work. It was a great chance for Widen admins to flex their DAM muscles on the spot and learn by doing. We got great feedback on a few things we could take back home with us and fix right away on the product side of things.

We plan to offer more in-depth trainings, hands-on activities, and labs at all of our live events in 2017. They’re a great opportunity for all of us to learn and grow together!

Learn by doing DAM work: Check! 

Widen Workshop LA

One-on-one time with Widen
Like every 2016 Widen Workshop, the last hour and a half of LA was dedicated to relationship building. Attendees could have one-on-one time with Widen staff, connect with peers and talk shop, all while enjoying a delightful spread of local food and drink to fill hungry stomachs. We used this time to make sure every attendee got the personal attention they needed while Workshopping.

In LA, several personal meetings with Customer Experience Managers and Support team staff were held, and a number of small groups naturally formed to talk about common problems, funny personal stories, and to share a few minorly inappropriate jokes. All in all, it was a splendid day in LA!

Meet with Widen to solve individual problems and issues: Check! 

LA brought us to complete a triad of successful Widen Workshops in 2016. Each filled with local Widen admins from every industry, spanning similar and different roles, individually and collectively learning how they can make their Widen Collective site work better, bigger, differently and more efficiently. The day was full of “I had no idea it could do THAT” and “I can’t wait to try that” moments. The Widen community of admins and users is a delightfully smart and interesting group of people. We have learned so much from you while being on the road this past year, and it’s been a blast helping to empower admins everywhere to become DAM heros.

Save the date for your Widen Workshop in 2017!
Madison, WI - March 9
San Francisco, CA - May 9
New York City, NY - May 10
Chicago, IL - July 20

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