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Working Through COVID-19

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Working through COVID-19 with the Widen Collective.

COVID-19 precautions are challenging teams to work in new ways — and Widen’s here to help. Across the globe, employees are working remotely for the first time, and many are without access to servers or tools they typically rely upon. The Widen Collective® can help keep your teams connected to your content and to each other. 

Here are simple things you can do now to leverage the Collective’s flexibility in new or temporary ways to support your organization through this transition.

Create portal(s)

You may have teammates who typically get assets from a server, intranet, or an assistant with access to the Collective. Now that they’re working remotely, they might not know where to go for assets. Or, you may have an urgent need to share assets with partners or customers. Consider using a portal for:

  • Top 25 most downloaded assets (this data can be found in Insights).
  • Your company’s branding and template files (check out ours!).
  • COVID-19 response and communication updates.

Portals are a great way to share assets internally and externally since they can be shared with non-Collective users as well. They can also be embedded into a website, allowing you to quickly update content on that site through the portal editing features, instead of through your CMS.

Add more users 

Suddenly, your entire company is working remotely and needs the ability to share and store files securely. To provide them with access, you can add new users to your Collective site in the Admin application, under User administration. Additional fees may apply, depending on the terms of your contract, but you do not need to work with Widen to exceed the number of users you originally licensed. You can add them at any time. 

Things to consider if you add a large number of users:

  • If new users do not fit in an existing role, you might need to create a new role for them. This may be temporary and you can delete the users and role later.
  • Leverage Insights data to see how many users you have now to determine if additions will exceed your licensed number.
  • Consider using a Registration Code to automate access for new users, so they do not need to be manually approved.

If your organization has single sign-on (SSO) implemented, internal users will need to be logged into your network in order to use the Collective. If there is no infrastructure in place for remote network access, you can temporarily create new logins with personal accounts (like Gmail) — just make sure you note this and delete users’ access if they leave the company, or once teams are back in the office. If IT controls all user creation in your system, you will need to provide them with a list of users to be added and the appropriate role for each user.

Upload work-in-progress files 

Work-in-progress (WIP) files are often stored on a server or local area while only final files are uploaded into the Collective. To empower creative teams during unexpected remote work periods, you can quickly create a workflow to put WIP assets in your Collective site.

  • If assets need to be hidden, create a new asset group and possibly a new role.
  • A WIP upload profile can be used to automate the asset group and metadata for these files. You may want to have them tagged as work in progress or with a project name.
  • Set up a remote training session or record this new workflow for impacted users.
  • Adding WIP files to your DAM site can minimize the need for a VPN, keeping files secure but reducing IT support needs.

Training refresher

With increased reliance upon cloud-based tools, this is an ideal time to offer a training refresher for users. This may also inspire your teammates to use the Collective to solve some new challenges within their workflows.

  • Record the session and link to it and other related materials from your dashboard.
  • Create a portal with pertinent training assets and share it with existing and new users.
  • Reach out to Widen’s training team if you need our trainers to lead your sessions. 

Update the dashboard

Dashboard messages are the first thing your users see when they login to the Collective. Consider updating the graphics or messaging here to support changes in your organization. You may want to post notifications for:

  • COVID-19 related office updates.
  • Links to Widen support sites or your internal training assets.
  • Shortcuts to popular searches.

We know this time can be hard, that is why we want to help. Check out our webinars page for information on upcoming sessions or our support page for quick answers on how to make changes to your system. And if additional guidance is needed, help is only a phone call, chat, or email away. 

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