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Widen Summit 2016

Adventure takes many forms. Sometimes it’s hard to think of everything an “adventure” is, but in a bigger sense, it lives and breathes in every aspect of life. Everything we don’t know, want to learn about, want to think about, or want to dream about - it’s all an adventure.

With that in mind, here’s a question for you…

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Think about it for a minute. Let it sink in. Ask that question as it relates to your work, personal life, relationships, or goals. Apply it to digital asset management by actively wondering what would you do if there were no constraints or limitations with your Widen Collective tool. What could the Widen Collective do for you if you could ask it to do anything? How could it work from the moment you enter your workplace each morning to the end of your work day and beyond? What if there were no constraints?

We know that each of you are committed DAMsters, and you’re also interesting, unique, intelligent, cool individuals with varied interests. With that in mind, we’re pleased to offer three exciting professional speakers from various walks of life, different industries – all with important messages to look forward to at this year’s Widen Summit.

Traci Fenton, CEO of WorldBlu

Widen Summit 2016

Traci Fenton, CEO of WorldBlu, an organization that helps guide Widen and other companies through joining the Freedom at Work™ movement. Freedom at Work™ combines organizational democracy with an organization’s goals to amplify and unleash the possibilities of human potential. WorldBlu’s message is about empowering and elevating work-life culture by encouraging employees to work at their best by identifying and supporting their unique talents and gifts. As a company, Widen has deployed the Freedom at Work structure, and it’s been a hugely positive addition.

Traci will lead a group workshop called “The Power Question.” That question is — you got it — “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Traci will help you start thinking about fear differently, and will provide a workbook to all attendees to continue expanding on this in the coming months.

Bryan Smith, Adventure Filmmaker for National Geographic

Widen Summit 2016

We’re thrilled to announce, Bryan Smith, Adventure Filmmaker for National Geographic Live, as Tuesday morning’s keynote speaker.

Bryan is an award winning filmmaker based out of Squamish, British Columbia. His first documentary, 49 Megawatts, received acclaim both for its amazing kayaking footage and insightful exploration of the controversy over British Columbia’s river based energy production.

With a knack for storytelling, an ability to assemble great teams, and an insane work ethic, his client list has grown to include National Geographic, Discovery, Disney, Red Bull, Patagonia, New Belgium Brewing, Arcteryx, and more. Bryan will tell his story of living the adventure of life – and the beauty that lives all around us –  and help kick off the first morning of Widen Summit 2016.

Kristina Halvorson, CEO and Founder of Brain Traffic

Widen Summit 2016

In addition to Traci and Bryan, Wednesday's keynote will be Kristina Halvorson. Kristina will draw from her experience as a “content therapist” and share insights about how curiosity, empathy, and shared ambition can build better content for your audience and business. After all, we’re ALL content creators!

More cross-team collaboration than ever is required for DAMsters and content professionals, and that means it’s getting tougher to delineate our disciplines. It’s no longer an option to only care about what’s on your plate. Kristina will talk content strategy, how it relates to DAM, and how to think about it in a whole new way. She’ll also lead a breakout session later Wednesday morning.

Conquering our fear is the ultimate adventure, and it applies to the Widen Summit as we discover, work together, empower, and learn from one another. Plan to make friendships and connections that last a lifetime and be ready to “adventure” with us in DAM and beyond!

Register by August 15 to be guaranteed an exclusive Widen Summit t-shirt!

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