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Several new forms of media have come to be associated with the catch phrase of ‘Web 2.0’.  There are wikis, blogs, varying video usage and also podcasts and vidcasts.  While these are all viable avenues for communicating a brand message, podcasts and vidcasts are growing rapidly in adoption rates due to the underlying principle of this media vehicle: convenience.

Both podcasts and vidcasts are designed to be taken with the viewer and experienced on the go.  Users appreciate this due to the growing number of responsibilities of departments and individuals, which leaves less time for examining and experiencing new products or services.  Messages can be communicated clearly and quickly so that the user can get a quick snapshot of whatever it is you are communicating.

While podcasts and vidcasts still have a good amount of room to grow, the advancements in technology and technology adoption are allowing for broader audiences to be reached.  What was previously only viewable on a portable media player can now be seen on cell phones, ultra-portable laptops or even streamed through gaming consoles.  The possibilities for message delivery have grown immensely, with development continuing in these type of applications at an astounding pace.

The overall ease of use and the growing types of delivery for these messages have opened a new stream of contact directly to the consumer.  Unlike television commercials, users select the information that they ingest and are willing to be confronted with targeted commercial messaging as long as it is comparable to the rest of the information they are viewing.

The benefit of this type of connection to marketing and sales departments is huge.  You are able to reach a much more segmented audience that wants to hear your message.  While this may have been rare in the past, Web 2.0 methods and tactics are allowing for higher levels of direct customer interaction than ever before.  While the adoption of new technology may not be near the top of the priority list for some companies, it may be time to do some more exploring as to what other possibilities you may be missing out on by not being part of the Web 2.0 movement.

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