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What is brand management?

Brand management is the practice of defining how an organization represents its values, culture, and products to the public. Marketers use brand management software to ensure that their colleagues and external partners represent the brand with consistent messaging and imagery.

A “brand” is the culmination of every experience a person has with an organization. It’s a set of perceptions fueled by marketing materials, product usage, reviews, personal interaction, news articles, and numerous other touch points. The point of brand management is to shape and influence the conversations people have about an organization.

Marketers struggle with brand management because branding happens in many different contexts. From trade shows, sales meetings, and storefronts to digital ads, social media, and e-commerce, presenting a consistent brand across all fronts is not easy. However, the common denominator in all these situations is content and the digital assets that underlie it.

Brand management software aims to bring rigor, visibility, and strategy to these digital assets. Brand managers depend on the Widen Collective®, our enterprise content management platform, to:

Centralize approved brand assets in one place

Control which user can access which assets

Share brand guidelines with creators and partners

Streamline content review and approval

Enforce brand guidelines during new content creation

Curate content for sales teams, dealers, partners, and agencies

Localize brand assets for different regions and cultures

Evolve brand tactics and strategy based on asset analytics

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Who needs brand management?

Brand managers try to strike a balance between fostering creativity and protecting their brand. With the Collective, they can publish brand guidelines, assign projects to creatives, and manage feedback and approvals all in one platform. This eliminates the chance that off-brand, unfinished assets get loose on the web.

Creators lose time (and sanity) to editing email chains, which make a mess of version control and team feedback. Widen’s brand management solution solves that problem. Creators can store their files in the Collective and access them directly inside Adobe Creative Cloud through a plug-in. When it’s time to get feedback, the Collective automatically notifies reviewers and gathers their comments in a central feed. That way, reviewers are aware of each other’s comments. The result is fewer rounds of revisions, faster approvals, and brand-safe content.

Marketing executives want to oversee the brand without micromanaging it. The Collective enables them to do that. Executives can view what everyone is creating, where projects stand, and how assets perform. This knowledge helps them decide what content to invest in next and how much to budget. In addition, the Collective tracks image usage rights to prevent expensive lawsuits.

Benefits of brand management

Presents a consistent brand identity across digital and physical channels. The Collective ensures that only final, approved content reaches the outside world.

Simplifies access to brand assets with portals. Your team decides which assets to share in the portals and controls who can access them.

Promotes the use of brand guidelines by sharing them where creators and reviewers can find them. 

Organizes review and approval so that creators can produce better content in fewer drafts.

Makes your organization easy to work with because the Collective provides self-service access to the content that distributors and retailers need to sell your goods. 

Reveals strengths and weaknesses in your brand with practical content analytics. You’ll discover which assets your collaborators use, where they appear, and how audiences engage with them.

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“The Widen Collective has allowed us to maintain brand consistency in a really effective way.”
Eric Uhlich

Graphic Designer

What you get with brand management

  • Quick search, predictive search, faceted search
  • Automatic file conversions
  • Share links and embed codes
  • Brand Portals
  • Customizable metadata, categories, collections
  • Image recognition and auto tagging
  • Batch uploading and editing
  • Version control and auditing
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
  • Online proofing and approval
  • Web CMS integrations
  • Template customization/localization
  • Do-it-yourself automation for custom notifications
  • Rights management and expiration
  • Brand asset monitoring and analytics
  • System reporting and dashboards
  • Branded URL, login page, dashboards
  • Secure, scalable cloud infrastructure with AWS
  • Enterprise governance and security
  • Granular roles and permissions
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