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Generate metadata 100x faster than manual processing, at a 90% lower cost, in 53 languages

Widen, help me find an image that looks like this one

The Widen Collective's AI technology helps users quickly find images that are similar without needing words to describe it. The "related assets by look" feature eliminates the need to anticipate every possible metadata theme and reduces the burden of manual tagging.

Find multiple assets to support the mood of your marketing campaign

Look for a similar shot that hasn’t already been used

If a photograph resonates on Instagram, find others that look just like it

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Tag photos with keywords using content intelligence

Widen, help me tag these photos with keywords

DAM systems work because of metadata. But entering accurate and complete metadata values for every asset can be very time consuming. Let auto-tagging powered by AI take the first pass to reduce the amount of manual work needed, and make assets instantly searchable. Then your team can expand or adjust the metadata as needed.

Auto-tagging can even work for specific products and brands

A tag for “bike” or “robot” won’t cut it when you need to identify a specific product model. That’s why we offer custom image training. Using your data, we can teach the AI tools how to recognize and apply keywords that are specific to your business.

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We’ve partnered with the best, so AI can do the rest

The Widen Collective’s content intelligence is built on Clarifai. Recognized as a market leader in the The Forrester New WaveTM: Computer Vision Platforms, Q4 2019 report, Clarifai is known for their extremely fast visual search capabilities and custom model support.

John George, Digital Asset Manager
“Clarifai helps add enough context to photos to make them immediately accessible until I can fully tag and categorize them. It also reduces the amount of time I spend tagging photographs, which is the most labor-intensive part of DAM administration. Image search-ability supports reuse, which reduces project costs across the organization.”
John George
Digital Asset Manager

Milestone at Facebook

Automate metadata creation with Clarifai

See how a Widen customer leverages AI technology to automate metadata creation — and advance their diversity, ethnicity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts. 

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