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Customer success stories

See how Widen customers deliver the right content at the right time

Success Stories

Lara Baggio and Cassie Fossum - Balsam Brands
Latrisha Eilers, Spectrum Brands talks about Widen Workflow
Kate Akasha - Gaylord Archival
Stewart Dick - Sheridan College
Chelsea Rommes - Centria
Kate Bennewitz - LifeFitness
Jeremy McKinley - Trek
Nikki Lebenson Angulo - Institute of International Education
Daisy Morin - Year Up
Tressa Crozier - University of San Francisco
Katherine Knight - Zoosk
Sharon Doan - Polywood
Eric Rudd - Indiana University

Core DAM

Use a DAM system for the core image management needs of every organization – organizing, finding, sharing,
publishing and analyzing your marketing and creative content.

More DAM

Go beyond a basic media library with your DAM system by publishing assets online – across websites, email marketing,
social media and more – and bring a more comprehensive, campaign approach to your marketing and messaging

Nationwide Children's Hospital educates employees about their Branding Toolkit



Nationwide needed to educate employees about their Branding Toolkit and help redirect inquiries away from their Brand team.

How Quick Insights helped:

  • Marketing ran a banner ad on their intranet homepage. When an employee clicked on the banner ad, they were sent to the webpage to get the Branding Toolkit
  • Asset embed views on the web page were reviewed and analyzed at the end of the month
  • Branding Toolkit page views significantly increased when the ad ran on the intranet homepage
  • Email inquiries to the Brand team decreased
JL Audio uses Widen Insights to analyze their content.



JL Audio spends a lot of time and money planning, shooting, and retouching their catalog and beauty product shots.

How Quick Insights helped:

  • Could see that their "catalog" shots were far more popular than their "beauty" shots
  • Helped them decide to cut back on the amount of "beauty" shots they were shooting
  • Saved time and money retouching unused images
  • Could focus the "beauty" shots on their own internal needs and not over produce them

Institute of international education (IIE)

“We get an incredible amount of mileage out of our digital assets now.”
- Nikki Lebenson Angulo, Digital Communications Manager 

Before DAM

  • A huge box of dusty DVDs and CDs
  • Files stored on shared drives in many different countries around the world
  • Scavenger hunts to find anything that was needed

After DAM

  • Powerful and specific advanced search
  • A stockpile of impact stories that we can use
  • We get an incredible amount of mileage out of our digital assets now

University of San Francisco

“Having all of our options in one place is really a beautiful branded way of starting a converation. I love portals.”
- Candice Pinault-Novak, Multimedia Production Manager 

Before DAM

  • Unorganized content
  • Unappealing collections

After DAM

  • Ability to craft a collection that's almost its own website
  • Options to display style guides with examples included
  • Portals can give clients options and spark ideas
How Life Fitness uses digital asset management to power creative and global marketing-operations


“DAM ensured we were consistent during our brand overhaul.”
- Kate Bennewitz, Creative Services Manager 

Before DAM

  • Lack of communication across global business units (GBUs)
  • Limited collaboration on shared assets
  • Wasted time and money recreating assets

After DAM

  • GBUs receive notification about new assets in the DAM system via Salesforce Chatter
  • GBUs receive Branded Collections with the same approved assets for social sharing
  • Life Fitness brand is presented consistently everywhere


“The news and marketing departments locate images for the Cornell website, on-campus publications, and the Cornell Chronicle. We also use the DAM system to deliver photos to our clients.”
- Corey Chimko, Digital Resources Coordinator

Before DAM

  • Cornell had a huge volume of visual assets in multiple locations
  • No way to easily tag, share or track photos used by marketing
  • Images were slowly distributed via email and by request

After DAM

  • Cornell has a permanent archive of its visual history
  • The photo department can deliver images to clients quickly and easily
  • As their most visible site, the Widen Collective also drives traffic to their e-commerce site
How Carnival uses embed codes to publish images and videos online


“DAM analytics proved that our team should invest more resources and creative energy into these  unconventional videos.”
- Erika Bertsch, Senior Marketing Manager

Before DAM

  • Visual assets were scattered on CDs, servers, and shared drives
  • Carnival had no content data to inform future marketing decisions

After DAM

  • Saves time by using embed codes to publish images and videos online
  • Has awareness of what marketing content gets the most engagement
  • Can provide their sales teams with the highest performing videos


Before DAM

  • MINI USA’s User Generated Content was scattered across multiple servers and folders at BEAM
  • BEAM wasted hours manually aggregating images from social sites and posting on MINUSA.com

After DAM

  • User Generated Content for MINI USA is organized in one central hub
  • Customer content is easy to capture and catalog, using Widen’s Dropbox integration
  • BEAM uses DAM to foster a connection between real customers and the MINI USA brand
How VF Imagewear uses Insights to increase content engagement


“Using the Insights app, we see that 96% of our ~8,800 assets are being used. That tells me we're providing the right content for our users.
Before it was a just a hunch."
- Tommy Upson, DAM Administrator

Before DAM

  • Lacked workflow to manage mass volumes of assets being created
  • Product color and image presentation wasn't accurate or consistent
  • No easy way to share or track how their assets were being used

After DAM

  • Easily manage over 164,000 images, videos and documents with automated workflow and metadata assignment
  • Track their heaviest asset users and content engagement
  • All retailer websites present consistent images and a clear brand
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