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Changing the way organizations manage their digital assets

From Fortune 100 enterprises to world-famous universities, we serve over 500 organizations in 158 countries. In fact, we have customers in virtually every industry who are foundationally changing their business with DAM.

  • Apparel
  • Computer networking & software
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods
  • Creative agencies
  • Entertainment & hospitality
  • Food & beverage
  • Health & wellness
  • Healthcare

  • Higher education
  • Industrial automotion & engineering
  • Luxury goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical devices
  • Non-profits
  • Retail
  • Travel & tourism

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Our customers truly are number one, so their service and satisfaction is at the top of our to-do list. For six years in a row, we’ve consistently met or exceeded our customer’s service and product expectations.

By Industry
  • Apparel
  • Computer Networking & Software
  • Construction
  • Consumer Goods
  • Creative Agencies
  • Entertainment & Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health and Wellness
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Industrial Automation & Engineering
  • Luxury Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • Non-profits
  • Retail
  • Travel and Tourism
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Kelley School of Business

“The Widen experience is having a team outside of your own team who is rooting for you and trying to make your system and your office and your product better.”

- Kelsey Bawel, Kelley School of Business
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