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Want your brand to shine, but don’t have the time?

Your digital asset management (DAM) system is the digital gateway to your brand. If you want your Widen Collective® Dashboard, Portals, and Templates to look amazing, but don’t have the time or resources, let our team jump in. You’ll get everything from graphic updates, to a new brand strategy, to on-brand design that welcomes and guides your users.

Three flexible design options for your dashboard, portals, and templates

1. Clean up
Revise an existing dashboard, portal, or template design.

2. Follow your brand style
Infuse your brand into a new dashboard, portal, or template design.

3. Start from scratch
Unearth the look and feel of your brand from scratch, then use it to design a new dashboard, portal, or template.

Beam Suntory, The DAL Dashboard Design Before and After

Engage users with first-rate design

Beam Suntory Logo

Dashboard design

BEAM Suntory's DAM Dashboard needed a visual refresh, so they asked Widen design services to help.

  • Showcase different groups of brand assets on the Dashboard
  • Redesign the type, imagery, and hierarchy on the Dashboard
  • Configure the settings in the Collective to match the new design

The refreshed Dashboard design reflects BEAM Suntory's corporate brand in a beautiful, crisp design that's inviting and easy to navigate.

Start with strategy

Whether you’re an established or evolving brand, your team needs consensus about who you are and how to showcase your identity in your DAM system. That’s where brand strategy comes in.

Three brand workshops, depending on your needs

1. Brand Positioning and Guidelines workshop
Focus on your brand messaging, visuals, and positioning to get everyone on the same page about who you are and what you stand for. Establish the rules for your brand, then communicate them clearly in a Brand Portal for easy sharing.

2. Brand Architecture workshop
Focus on understanding the value difference between your sub-brands and overarching corporate brand, mapping your brand architecture, and agreeing on how to reflect that architecture in your DAM system.

3. Brand Management workshop
Focus on the purpose of your digital asset management investment by aligning it with other systems and processes that support your brand. Explore the 10 ways the Widen Collective can power great brand experiences for your audiences.

Start with strategy graphic
“The design updates to our Login page and Dashboard look great. This was a much needed refresh for our digital asset library (DAL)!”
Beam Suntory

Content creation services

We help you manage your content, and soon we could help you create it, too

We’re exploring new ways to help Widen customers throughout the entire content lifecycle, which could include content creation. This is not something that Widen currently offers, but we might based on your feedback.

If assistance with content creation is something you’d be interested in speaking to us about, get in touch. We’d love to understand what you’re looking for and how we can help.