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The Widen Collective® is a web-based digital asset management system that leverages Amazon Web Services to deliver your brand assets where they need to go.

“The Collective has an intuitive interface for our diverse user base across countries. The ability to configure DAM features based on our needs was paramount.”


Custom login and dashboard messages

Custom login page
The user experience starts on your login page. Make it your own with a logo, color scheme, and hero graphic that tells your story.

Dashboard messages
Target specific user groups with permissioned, customized Dashboard messages to highlight key assets, brand guidelines, product launches, and more.


Upload via a smart workflow
Files and folders can be uploaded effortlessly using a drag-and-drop tool. Apply default metadata, categories, and security, or use the guided wizard to assign hand-picked data.

Metadata standards
Our customized options for metadata and keywords serve users of all experience levels.

Use controlled vocabulary for consistency, and choose from a variety of field formats. Map XMP, IPTC, and EXIF data at upload and export content to XMP at download.


Spotlight searches and spotlight collections
Visually highlight digital assets with specific search criteria and offer a convenient search option on the dashboard.

Predictive search
Takes what you have typed and predicts the most likely completion for the text you’ve already entered.


Share links
Destination: everywhere! Use share links and embed codes to place images, videos, or documents in any web-based channel. New versions are updated automatically, and there’s no drag on your bandwidth.

Branded collections
Share digital assets as a gallery for viewing and downloading. Embed a public collection in web pages for an instant, searchable gallery. Track views, downloads, and shares.


Search, find, and view the video content you need wherever you are. Videos as large as 500GB may be uploaded, with full-length HD previews automatically generated and variable bitrate streaming included.

Publish and deliver
Transcode videos on-the-fly to quickly deliver files in the right format, dimension, and bitrate. Stream video content without bandwidth fees using Amazon CloudFront's content delivery network.


Creative workflow
Gain visibility and insight into the journey your creative concepts go through as they become distributable assets.

Activity feed
See the activity from all users of your site, including uploads, downloads, shares, and comments. The most recent activity displays at the top of each feed.

DIY notification automation
Use Paths to easily set up automation that notifies users or external partners of new assets via email. Customize the email copy and variables. There’s no coding required.


Quick Insights
Tracking collects powerful data showing asset exposure across channels. Track metrics on individual assets and collections for page views, embed code views, and downloads.

Sitewide Insights
Our dashboards are loaded with “must track” sitewide asset engagement and user activity. Compare the performance of digital assets in portals or common searches for a holistic view.


Enterprise security
Rely on the durability of SOC 2-compliant Amazon infrastructure. Data is transferred over SSL, encrypted at rest, and backed up in cold storage. Safe Harbor self-certified along with third-party continuous vulnerability tests and annual penetration tests.

Archived assets
Keep visual content accessible at the end of its lifecycle by preserving it in low-cost, cold storage. Archived digital assets can be searched and ordered at any time.


User access
Control permissions on groups of digital assets and decide who can view, share, edit, or download certain file formats. Change the permissions or add new roles at any time.

Delegated administration
Share the responsibility of site maintenance by delegating tasks to multiple administrators. Dynamic permission structures let different people manage user groups and asset groups across divisions or brands.


Single sign-on user authentication
Remove login obstacles and increase security by automatically creating user accounts and authenticating users in your DAM system. SAML 2.0, LDAP, OpenID, Simple One-Way HTTP, and customer integrations supported.