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Tools that go beyond a media library to create, manage,
distribute, and analyze your visual content

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Struggling to maintain control of the visual content you create? We’ve got you covered with the Widen Collective®. It’s a scalable, web-based digital asset management system that leverages Amazon Web Services to ensure security and global delivery of all file types.

Our broad range of features offer more choices to manage your marketing and creative workflows and ensure your data is connected. That means greater brand control and activation of your content across the systems you use every day.


Visual Content Marketing & Cloud-based DAM

Find photos, videos, and creative files

  • Search for digital assets right from your dashboard
  • Find assets swiftly with quick search and keyword search
  • Automate tagging with controlled metadata values
  • Target assets with spotlight searches and collections

Features: Unlimited custom metadata fields, faceted search, spotlight and category search, advanced search, predictive search

Control your brand with scale

  • Give your site a personalized brand experience
  • Control access with user roles and permission levels
  • Set expiration dates and notify guests by email
  • Multi-brand scalability for your enterprise needs

Features: Custom login page and dashboard, granular roles and permissions, asset expiration and release, multi-brand URLs

Publish content across the web

  • Automatically resize and crop digital assets and paste into any web page  
  • Maintain one master file and update across the web
  • Gain insight into your asset usage through geolocation map views and URLs with embed codes

Features: Dynamic embed codes, asset versioning, expiration dates, map Insights, URL tracking

Convert brand assets to the right format at the right time

  • Automatically convert file formats on-the-fly
  • Convert digital assets from embedded collections
  • Give users permission for conversions by role
  • Gain access to your assets from anywhere, on demand

Features: Conversion formats, conversion permissions, batch selection and conversion, share links, notify by email

Distribute and share brand assets with anyone, from anywhere

  • Share visual content with anyone
  • Share branded collections with internal/external teams or embed assets on public-facing channels
  • Grow visibility of popular digital assets with share links

Features: Share links, embed codes, downloading, social media sharing, branded collections, Dropbox downloads, order approval, intended use

Track different versions of your assets

  • Update new versions of assets while maintaining or archiving previous versions
  • Retain metadata values for each asset version
  • Identify duplicate files through filename management
  • Maintain version control of assets via embed codes

Gain visibility into asset performance

  • See when and how your visitors engage with assets
  • See which websites use your digital assets and a map of asset views
  • Get instant snapshots of site performance
  • Export raw data for individual or groups of assets
  • See how videos perform across channels by tracking average view time and number of plays

Features: Quick Insights, activity feed, intended use, engagement score, Insights

“The Widen Collective is easy to use and has an intuitive interface and features for our diverse user base across countries. The ability to customize and use features based on our needs was paramount.”


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