Secure on every front

Enterprise-level security and standards compliance

IT teams can rest assured knowing their digital assets are safe

  • Security
  • Archived assets
  • Activity auditing
  • Watermarking
  • Rights management
Content Marketing Software & Enterprise Security

Enterprise security

Rely on the durability of SOC 2-compliant Amazon infrastructure. Data is transferred over SSL, encrypted at rest, and backed up in cold storage. Safe Harbor self-certified along with third-party continuous vulnerability tests and annual penetration tests.

Archived assets (optional)

Keep visual content at arm’s reach at the end of the lifecycle by preserving it in low-cost storage. Archived digital assets can be searched and ordered at any time.

Visual Content & Archived Assets in DAM

Digital Asset Management & Activity Auditing

Activity auditing

More than just file storage. Track all activity down to the user and IP address. Know exactly who uploaded visual content and edited assets and who sent orders and downloaded them.


Watermarking (optional)

Stop screen capture reuse by adding visible watermarks to previews. Set visible or hidden watermarks on downloads by user group. Digimarc watermarks embedded on files allow tracking back to the exact download of the file.

Digital Asset Management & Watermarking

Visual Content & Rights Management

Rights management

Set default release and expiration dates on assets and permission them by user role. Customize the EULA upon login, order, and download per your legal requirements.