Digital Asset Management for Retail

A DAM system makes it easy for retailers to manage and repurpose thousands of digital assets for distribution across print, web and retail displays.

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Why Digital Asset Management?

Retailers routinely accumulate thousands of digital assets from vendors. This creates a need for one centralized place where retailers can organize, search, access and share assets. Widen’s digital asset management software, The Widen Collective, makes it easy for your teams to handle assets efficiently and effectively. A DAM system also saves you time, reduces cost and speeds time to market for catalogs, websites, print collateral and signage.

Media Collective Search, Insights, and Dashboard

Control over all digital assets

A DAM system offers total control over your digital assets — as well as your retail, product and marketing initiatives.

  • Multiple brands
  • Product launches
  • Capture and distribute content from live events

DAM provides big benefits to retailers

  • Save time searching for and recreating lost assets
  • Improve revenue through creation of targeted, relevant offers to customers
  • Boost collaboration by providing teams with a central hub to review, manage and share assets
  • Maintain brand consistency across multiple channels 
  • 24/7 access to our cloud-based DAM software
  • Improve productivity, plus simplify organization and administration processes
  • Quickly find and repurpose existing digital assets in whatever format you need
  • Improve internal and external collaboration by using the same master library of images
  • Analytics that track activity and usage of digital assets

Retail trends that make DAM software a necessity

  • The omnichannel experience, which has emerged due to mobile devices, millennials and beacons
  • Mobile apps are an opportunity and a threat to retailers, as a "research and shopping assistant" that accompanies customers into every store
  • Millennials bring purchasing power to retail and depend on multiple digital channels for buying decisions
  • Beacons interact with customers’ mobile devices in-store, augmenting the brick-and-mortar experience with product information and promotional offers

Other retail trends

  • Social media's role in researching products and services — strongly influencing purchasing decisions
  • Big data is a major tool in helping retailers target and personalize marketing campaigns

Digital asset management software is much more than the organization of digital assets. It’s also a powerful system that can help retailers streamline processes and provide teams with more time to create and share great content, instead of searching for the right digital assets.

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