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Content is messy and complicated

Content comes in many forms, and has countless sources and destinations. It changes with new messaging, visual styles, and product updates. Quite simply, content can be difficult to manage!

We’ve been solving these challenges for 20 years.




Widen simplifies how content gets to market

Take the guessing game out of your workflow with the cloud-based Widen Collective®.

Bring content together
Create a searchable, shareable library of your photos, videos, documents, podcasts, and product information.

Send it anywhere
Distribute content to any person or system to support sales, marketing, and e-commerce.

Accelerate your workflows
Use automation to guide content through creation, review, approval, and distribution.

digital asset management solutions


Widen platform configured for your needs

digital-asset-management-solution-header-graphicDigital asset management

Bring order to content chaos with a scalable enterprise DAM solution.

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product-information-management-solution-header-graphicProduct information management

Go to market faster with a marketing-friendly PIM solution.

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brand-management-solution-header-graphicBrand management

Take control of your narrative with one platform.

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marketing-resource-management-solution-header-graphicMarket resource management

Streamline workflows with one platform to drive creative outcomes.

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Stay connected to the tools you use everyday

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What's happening at Widen

Applying the Scientific Method to Marketing Analytics | Widen

Apply the scientific method to your data

Improve DAM ROI with Desired Customer Outcomes | Widen

True digital asset management (DAM) systems will come loaded with features and capabilities, but not everyone is making the most of these tools. Aligned with Gartner’s 2021 CMO survey, Widen’s desired customer outcomes, or DCOs, help customers reach the full potential of their solution while delivering the return on investment (ROI) that leadership demands.

What is Video Asset Management? | Widen

With approaching 5G download speeds predicted at 1GBS to 10GBS — video consumption is going to skyrocket and brands need to keep up. Companies could soon find themselves with hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of video files to manage. Successful brands will understand video asset management and have the right technology to store, organize, and distribute their video files. Here’s an overview of how video asset management works, who uses it, and the benefits that come with it.

DAM Asia-Pacific

(Speaking and exhibiting)
24 March 2022
Virtual event

DAM Industry Week

(Speaking and exhibiting)
4-8 April 2022
Virtual event

DAM and Product Information Management

25 May 2022
Virtual series

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